Monday, November 26, 2012

2 pcs Green / Red Xmas Clip in hair extension streaks

Hair Besties!  Check it out!  Aren't they cute?  Their 20" long, 1" wide per piece, 100% real human hair, silky straight texture.  Available in lots of colors but I chose Red & Green for the Xmas holiday!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

2 piece Black Clip in streaks Product Review by: ForeverGlamX

Hey Hair Besties!

Here is one of my very first reviews!  You can click the link to go to the ForEverGlamX blog product review. -->>  2 piece single clip in streaks

Below are some pictures she took to display the items:

About Khadija:
She's 14 years old and lives in the UK.  She started her blog after watching beauty videos and she thought it was amazing.  She loves beauty, fashion, makeup, shopping, listening to music, reading, watching movies, football and singing.

My Opinion:
This young woman is very talented and I follow her blog because she reviews some great stuff!  She inspired me to keep a blog and has been very helpful. She can even do backgrounds and pages for others as she has designed her own blog and a few websites!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

AprilFoolRomance's Review: A Yellow clip in human hair streak

Hair Besties!

Here is a review I received for one of my single Yellow Clip in Hair extension streak pieces!
The review is located here:  April Fool Romance's Blog Review of MyLuxury1st Hair Extensions

Below are some pictures taken for your viewing:

About the Reviewer:
Lorina is a beauty & fashion blogger with a great sense of style! She is very beautiful and unique!  You can go to her page to see the clothes or accessories she is currently blogging about.  She sometimes host giveaways too!

My opinion:
Lorina is really sweet and thorough.  She will tell you if she does not like something or how she feels about a certain idea; without being rude.  She is open minded and professional and I would recommend other companies looking for a professional blogger.  Her contact page is here: