Tuesday, September 23, 2014

First Day 1b Burgundy Brazilian Body Wave Review | 150g Mrsd3nise

Hey Besties!  Just got my hair did and here is the FIRST LOOK DAY 1! YESSS! I absolutely love it and it is bringing me life!  I love the color and texture it presents when worn.  I have not combed it with a comb or brush yet, just been finger combing and there is minimum shedding, barely any so that is a great thing.  I'm only wearing 150g of hair so I'm happy about that; it's so light weight!  Smooth, silky, shiny! 

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About the reviewer:
Denyce is an innovative, independent hair extensions manufacturer in the USA, based in Southern CA, specializing in Clip ins, Fusion U, I, & Flat tip, Ombre wefts, Micro loops, and Remy Tape in hair extensions.  She is now manufacturing single wefted hair extensions as she enjoys sewing and making double wefts.  Double wefts can be purchased anywhere but this is something that she enjoys doing, as many other ladies do this to their own wefts as well.  Denyce takes the hand work out of it by doing this for you.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Find your Long LOST LOVE or CRUSH | Casting Call

Published on Sep 9, 2014
Casting Call Information | City: Los Angeles
Applicants from all over the USA may apply
+++OPEN Below+++
Casting Closes 11/6/2014


$1000 for the person chosen. (Appearance fee paid upon successful and satisfactory completion of filming)

Cara Casting is now casting a documentary series looking to reunite lost
lovers. If you appear to be between the ages of 21-35 and would like to
take a journey to find a lost love or crush from your past, they want to
hear from you!!

*Did you lose touch with one of your first loves or crushes when you were young?
*Do you feel like if you met them now things would be different?
*Was there someone you dated while traveling or on a foreign exchange program and then you lost touch?
*Was there a friend in your past that you had a crush on and never had the courage to tell them?

If your lost love is HARD TO FIND, then Cara Casting would love to hear your story!

Your long lost love will be found for you and you will be helped to find the courage to RECONNECT!

Please submit the following and you may be called to follow up:

AND... Who do you want to find and why? (please note we are NOT looking for friendship stories. Only romantic interests)

Contact Info
Email: info@caracasting.com
let your casting assistant know that Denyce@Hairdresser.Net referred
you! and please like and subscribe for many more in the future!

is a small business brand owner and specialty human hair extensions
manufacturer; showcasing her work online for many hairdressers, stylist,
salons, & women looking for DIY hair extension styles that they can
try on themselves or friends! Her work can be found here: http://www.myluxury1st.com
She is also a Freelance Casting Associate bringing you verbal casting calls for you to apply to. Good Luck!

Denyce is not affiliated with the mentioned casting company.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Pink GAME OVER GameBoy Nintendo type Dress

Cute dress!  Love it! http://www.instagram.com/myluxury1st
This dress
is fitted and has a satin/smooth texture to it.  It's bodycon and
stretchy.  I love it!  It comes in different sizes and prices depending
on the vendor.  You can find the dress online anywhere or on Instagram.
It also comes in different colors as well.

If you go to Vegas a lot with your girls, hmu, I go once a month, join my Vegas group!  Message me!

I handmade hair extensions.  You can check out my designs here:  http://www.myluxury1st.com


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