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30 inch Long 179g Thick 6oz Jet Black Clip in hair extensions in my Mich...

These clip in hair extensions made by Denyce of MyLuxury1st hair extensions are some of the longest and thickest clipin hair extensions on the market.  Coming in at 179.5 grams or 6.3 ounces.  MyLuxury1st is the leading online etailer in 100% Real Remy top shelf grade hair extensions. Try them for yourself to see the difference.  How beautiful you will feel with your new long thick tresses!

Denyce @Hairdresser.Net

Saffiano Tote:  Michael Kors Large Yellow Hamilton Pyramid Stud
    Citrus saffiano leather.
    Golden pyramid studs on front; golden hardware.
    Top handles.
    Chained shoulder strap.
    Hanging key.
    Strapped top with logo-engraved lock detail.
    13"H x 14"W x 6 1/4"D.
    Imported.  -Store Style Number: 30S3GHST3L

My Bleach Blonde faded to Red Ombre Remy Clip in Hair Extensions

These clip ins are super cute and fashionable because you get to be so diverse in your style.  You can wear a few or wear them all.  These are about 20" long and weigh about 90-100g. That's about 3-3.5oz!  You get 7-8 pieces depending on how you want it as these are handmade and can be customized to fit your needs.  Thanks so much for watching and please give it a thumbs up if you would rock some hair extensions like these or even your own hair!

Nails:  Stiletto point, red, green, purple
Hair:  Myluxury1st hair extensions
Earrings:  Red old school hoops [small]

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With Five Questions: Meet Denyce, Hair Extensionist and Entrepreneur

With Five Questions: Meet Denyce, Hair Extensionist and Entrepreneur: Denyce is an expert hair extensionist, manufacturer, and entrepreneur. She is the founder of MyLuxury1st , which is the leading luxury eTai...

I was recently interviewed on "With Five Questions"
The rest of the story can be found at the link above!or below...:)
Thanks for reading and supporting :)


Meet Denyce, Hair Extensionist and Entrepreneur

Denyce is an expert hair extensionist, manufacturer, and entrepreneur. She is the founder of MyLuxury1st, which is the leading luxury eTailer of 100% real human hair extensions. She hand-makes them, so they are proudly handmade in USA and sold exclusively online. In addition to her company website, find out more about Denyce and her products by visiting her Amazon store, her Facebook page, and her Instagram site.
1. How did you first become interested in making and selling hair extensions?
I first became interested in making hair extensions actually when I was just a little girl. I don't even know where I got the idea; it just popped in my head. My mother or sister never wore them, and I used to make hair extensions out of paper and wrap them about my head at home! That was then. Now from a business standpoint, I have always done my own hair and just wanted to try other methods. After not getting the customer service I thought I deserved from other companies, I decided why not make my own hair extensions and see how that goes? I began just making a few different clip-in sets and posting them online; you know how we make something at home and post it on Facebook or social media... Well, I did that, and people began to show their interest, so I was definitely onto something. Stylists wanted to know where they could get them and offered to pay me for my work, so I went into business!
2. Could you tell us a little about your process of making hair extensions by hand?
The process I use in handmaking hair extensions is all up to my customers. Although I have patterns set out for customers to choose from just in case they are not familiar or may not know how to choose, they can always tell me what they want! With that information, I choose the weft and amount of hair needed and begin production: whether it's clip-ins, U tip, tape-ins, or even just cutting hair so that they can have a certain amount of hair for the style they have in mind.
3. As a consumer, what should someone look for when it comes to choosing a high-quality hair extension product?
As a consumer, you should look for quality and also read reviews. You can study the product and check for reviews of past consumers. If you don't have time to do this, you can also check for thorough listings and contact the company to see what their customer service is like. This goes a long way.
4. Do you have specific suggestions for people to take good care of their hair extensions (and maybe just their hair in general!)?
My suggestions would be to baby your hair extensions. They are high maintenance and need all the care you can give them because they are now considered dead hair. They are no longer attached to a human head where they are getting constant nutrients, so in order for them to last, you need to wash them every so often with special hair extension shampoo such as the sulphate-free one I offer, and you don't need to wash them constantly. You also need to deep condition them, as this will keep them soft and tangle free. Trim them if needed because hair extensions do get split ends after styling. As for your own hair, treat it just as well. Use heat protection and wrap your hair at night or put it in a lose braid. You can also sleep on a silk or satin pillow sheet so that it reduces the friction.
5. What advice do you have for other people who would like to get into the business of selling beauty-related products?
My advice for anyone trying to get into the business of selling beauty-related products would to be dedicated. Without dedication, your dream will not be brought to reality.
Thanks, Denyce!

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Girl's Red Velvet long sleeve Holiday Editions Dress by KMART

This piece was $16.99 when we bought it in store and online it is discounted @ 40% for only $10.19!  What a steal!

About the piece:

  • Color: Red
  • Size: M 7/8
  • Scoop neckline
  • Long sleeves
  • Pullover design
  • Drop waistline
  • Faux fur trim at hemline, 
  • Fabric: 96% polyester, 4% spande
MarDonae is 8 years old and will be wearing this piece by KMART, this Christmas 2013.  It is the Holiday Editions Girl's Velvet Holiday Dress

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Danielle Cofezer: Fashionable Hair Styles with Clip ins

Danielle Cofezer: Fashionable Hair Styles with Clip ins: Clip in hair extensions are an oldie but goodie when it comes to the fashion world. Lots of celebrities use this as their small weapon or se...

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Danieele Cofezer and MyLuxury1st present:  Fashionable Hair styles with Clip ins!

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Online Hair Extensions Black Friday Sale, Free Shipping, Free Gift

To get the code, watch the video, like, & share!  The code is hidden at the end of the video between the words Don't and Out!

Music Snippet:  Halo by Beyonce

Man shares quick Review on hair extensions purchased for his wife from A...

Published on Nov 28, 2013
Shop for all your Real human hair extension needs!

Man recording shares quick thoughts on hair extensions purchase from

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Bleach Blond & Ash Blonde Body wavy Tape in hair extensions

They are a blend of 2 different colors. Ash Blonde and Bleach Blond.
The hair is super soft, silky, and smooth. 
These Tape in hair extensions are undetectable if put in correctly.
100% Real Remy hair. These wefts are about 1.5″ wide per piece.
The texture is BODY WAVE; European, Asian, and Indian grade hair.
20 pieces may be good for streaks or half a head.
A full head may need about 40 pieces and if your hair is thicker, it may need about 60 pieces.
These need to be heated to seal.
These are handmade in the USA, Southern CA.
Available in 18″, 20″, and 22″ lengths.
Prices start at $75.00 per 20 pieces, or $57.50 for 10 pieces
Questions? Just click the #1 or little + sign to comment below.
Usually ships within 6-10 business days.

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The difference between Bleach Blonde and Platinum Blond hair extension colors

I get a lot of questions on how to choose or how to pick the right color Blonde hair, especially when trying to decide off the internet and buying online.  This video below will give you an awesome tip on how to choose online in the future.  Give it a thumbs up if it helped you, like it and share it too!  Thanks for your support!
Comment below if you have any questions and be sure to give me your input or any tips you may have.

About the Author:
Denyce is an Expert Hair Extensionist, Manufacturer, and Owner @; which is a USA, 100% hand make hair extensions company specializing in Real human hair systems for women all over the world.
To connect more with her; like and comment the video and don't forget to subscribe!

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What is the definition of Remy Human Hair?

This video is short and quick and tells you what Remy Human Hair's definition is.
Visit: for the Chocolate Clip ins shown in this video or for Strawberry Blonde hair extensions like the hair the Myluxury1st Representative is wearing!

Where can I get Remy human hair?

If you have other questions, leave a comment below and a video can be made to answer for you!

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Say bye bye to tangled matted hair extensions! by Chrisjoeeee

Posted on Updated on

So, it’s no secret that a lot of people wear hair extensions now. Whether they’re clip ins, sew in, micro fusion, a lot of us wear hair extensions; and a known problem with women and their hair extensions is that they get dry, tangled and matted. However i have found a solution to resolving this epidemic, You just have to put effort and time into your hair for a little while in order for it to be healthy. Image
So here i have a picture of one of my clip ins, and as you can see they are dry, look tangly and matted especially at the ends. What i’m about to show you will bring them life and moisture.
Pretty much all you’ll need is your favorite shampoo, your favorite, conditioner , preferably a deep conditioner, and your favorite detangler. I also have hangers here for obvious reasons which we’ll see in a moment.
Starting off with detangler, i’m using a homemade detangler so don’t worry i’m not putting shoe cleaner in my hair. However this detangler is very organic, natural, and moisturizing for your hair and i feel it’s the best one to use. I got the recipe from youtube so if you want to check it out here’s the link However this detangler stinks so thats why im using it first. Anyway so you pretty much want to brush your hair out and spray this all over your hair focusing on the ends since that’s where the most matting and tangling is (at least for me), and you want to let that sit for at least 5 minutes.
Once you’ve let that sit, your going to wash that out with your shampoo, and then add in your conditioner
Here i’m using Aussie’s deeeeep conditioner and you want to let that sit for at least 10 minutes, the longer the better.
Once you’ve washed that out you want to let it sit over night and as you can see i hung mine up so it can dry properly. One thing you want to stay away from is the blow dryer. Absolutley no blow drying after doing this unless it’s an emergency such as a last minute hot date, or a job interview .  Blow drying right after doing this will just damage it even more, even though it doesn’t really look like it. If you do end up blow drying your hair after this, make sure to use the cold setting for less damage. Once i hung them up i sprayed a little Moroccan argon oil for moisturization and to give it a healthy looking shine.
So after it dried, as you can see it looks a lot healthier, shinier, and less dry and tangly. If you keep doing this at least twice a week with absolutely no blow dryer your hair will be much healthier and it will look like it too! I hope this works for you guys, and leave me a comment with your feedback (:
From Author:
This datangling system with pictures and information is very informative and might help some of you out there with these similar or same hair extension problems.  go ahead and try these tips and share this information with others!

About the Author:
Denyce is an Expert Hair Extensionist and Manufacture of 100% Real human hair extension systems. 

Micro loop or Microlink Hair Extensions Self Installation explanation by CL2425

These hair extensions can be referred to as many different names, but they are all pretty much the same.  Sometimes called Microloop, Microlink, Easy loop, Remy loop, Micro loop with bead, Micro bead with loop, or even Cold Fusion.  They are strands that are installed without heat.  Hair extensions that can appear seamlessly natural if installed correctly.  Below is a video from CL2425 on Youtube with her detailed opinion and review of her self installation.  Check it out!

Courtesy of:  CL2425

For more information from the reviewer, click here to go to her YouTube video and channel.

About the Author:

Denyce is an Expert Hair Extensionist & Manufacturer @; which specializes in 100% real human hair extension systems made in the USA.  She has a degree in Business Administration and has been working in the Small Business Manufacturing industry since 2008.  If you would like to connect with her check out

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Danielle Cofezer: Fashionable Hair Styles with Clip ins by Denyce of Myluxury1st

Danielle Cofezer: Fashionable Hair Styles with Clip ins: Clip in hair extensions are an oldie but goodie when it comes to the fashion world. Lots of celebrities use this as their small weapon...

Check out the Blog above for a Quick clip in guide for Clipin hair extensions!
The blog also focuses on wigs as well.

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Product Review and Ripoff Alert HP Deskjet 1512 and HP Combo-pack 61 Black 61 Tri-color INK

Hi!  Let me introduce myself.  I'm Denyce and I'll be reviewing a couple HP products I purchased myself.

My main review is of the Ink.
I purchased the HP Deskjet 1512 Printer at Walmart for around 60.00 when my HP Officejet Pro 8600 went out after only having it for under a year.  So I didn't want to spend a few hundreds.  I work from home and I print everyday, so I will always need a printer for work purposes.

After doing some research online, I chose this HP Deskjet 1512 Printer because a few reviewers had said that if you're going to be printing a lot, to buy the cheaper printer because the ink is cheapest to refill.  This was great since my experience with the previous printer, I had already known that you constantly will have to refill ink or purchase new cartridges and I wanted to get away from doing that so much. 

I believe I made a mistake.  I purchased the Printer the week of the 20th.  Most printers come with some ink already inside just to start you off. At the same time I had purchased the an ink combo.  Which was $33.97 at Walmart. 

On 10/28/2013 the ink was already gone!  So I went to OfficeMax and purchased another combo at 33.99. 

On 11/2/013 the ink was gone again! I purchased another combo, this time at Walmart for 33.97.

So within 2-3 weeks, I have already spent 101.93 on ink, and refilled it 3x.  So basically I am looking at 33.97-33.99 every 4-5 days.  Which is totally ridiculous!

Upon inspecting the cartridges, I found that they do not come filled all the way up.  So this is a total rip off for consumers.  I thought HP was reputable.  I'm having 2nd and 3rd doubts.  Also for the previous printer, I was spending even more money which the ink is about 20.00 per color and you need the 3 colors to print, plus the black which is about another 25.00.  You save a few dollars by buying the complete combo packs but even then, still a rip off.  I begin refilling that one myself and when the printer went totally out, I would not be in warranty because of refilling it myself which is why I bought the 2nd HP.

Just wanted to give some insight on how much a scam this is.  I probably print less than 60 sheets a day.

The ink box has a website you can check to check for ink volume and page yield information.  [Page yield is the number of pages a user can print with a given printer and cartridge, based on certain assumptions.]
Credit to the site link above.

You can click the link to get information if you have not already done so but I'm sure it is a bunch of mumbo jumbo to you especially if you are spending so much in ink, you don't want to read it.  I did call HP as well and of course they had a representative who barely communicated well and just gave me automated-like answers.  I am furious to tell you the truth.  I run a very small business and really I am not a pc or printer tech.  I just want something inexpensive & efficient enough to get small print jobs done.  I do not print as many papers a day.  In 4 days less that 250 sheets as in estimate.

I did notice when filling up my own ink with the previous printer it did last much longer than going and buying new ink but with this new printer, I have not researched how to refill and in about 4 more days, I will be spending another 33. something on ink which is very annoying.

Thanks for reading, comment and suggestions are greatly appreciated and I have also recorded a video you may take a look at.  I hope this will help someone else to not have to spend a super amount of money constantly on ink.

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Incredible, long, Natural, 30" Clip in Extensions Review Human Hair, sof...

For 24"-30" Clip in hair extensions Visit:  OPEN ME BELOW!

Even though the customer has beautiful hair, it does not hurt to add some thickness!
Long hair extensions are actually thinner towards the bottom, unless double drawn, but they can be a great addition to your hair accessories.  No shedding, no tangling.  These look and feel natural and make a huge difference.  No waiting for hair to come from overseas!  Order from the USA.  A leading online manufacture dedicated to you.  No synthetic hair.  6-10 business day delivery.  Text ordering available.  Don't spend time waiting for your hair to come from China.  Get hand made, long hair extensions now.  Real hair! Many reasons to choose, customer satisfaction guaranteed.  Highly recommended. Suitable for all women.


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JamieLeeArtistry talks Tape hair sandwich Mini Review versitile Style af...


This mini review is based on the 2 piece sandwich Tape in hair extensions sent by Myluxury1st.  The streaks are not worn because they do not match the colors worn by the model; but were worn previously for review purposes..
These can be curled and waved.  Silky quality.  No matting.  Holds curls well without hairspray.

Myluxury1st offers wavy and straight tape in hair extensions.  These lay very nice and flat to the head.  If you have naturally straight hair, the straight Tape in hair extensions would work perfect for you.

Video Hosted by:  JamieLeeArtistry
Video Edited by:   MrsD3nise
Hair Extensions shown in video:  Remy Tape ins
Hair Extensions by:
Company Sponsoring Mini Review:
Original Video:

Brown and Bleach highlight Straight Clip in Hair Extensions Length Remy ...    MORE INFO BELOW!

Medium Brown Bleach Blonde blended Clip in hair extensions
100% Remy human hair, 6-8 pieces, 16-20" long, side by side, piano mix, can be done at home by you or taken into a salon professional to trim and cut to fit your style.


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October is all about Pink! Think Pink & Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and it’s no secret that male or female, we will wear any and every shade of pink, buy delicious pink cupcakes at every bake sale, dye our hair pink, poke ourselves with pink pins and pink ribbons and maybe even take it as far as driving a pink car just to support the super women that battle this terrifying fight every day.
While all of these gestures are definitely a way to show our support for breast cancer awareness, at the end of the day they serve as important reminders of just how closely breast cancer hits home. The American Cancer Society recently released Breast Cancer Facts and Figures 2013-2014, which found the shocking figure that 1 in 8 American women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. With those statistics growing every year, it makes Breast Cancer Awareness Month that much more important as funding efforts are the only true way faster cures are going to be found.
So, how are you going to “Think Pink” this month? Personally, I’m a big fan of the pink hair extension - it literally is attached to me, making it a daily reminder that really makes me feel like I am part of this initiative that shows these women they are not alone.
Here are five ways men and women are Thinking Pink in October:
  1. The NFL’s - A Crucial Catch Campaign: For the past few years the NFL has made a huge effort to donate as much as possible to the American Cancer Society by raising money through their “Pink” merchandise. It has to be so comforting for those living with breast cancer to turn on the NFL during October and see pink just everywhere. 100% of the NFL’s net proceeds from their “Pink” merchandise are donated to the American Cancer Society. Their efforts score them a game winning touchdown!
  2. Essie Breast Cancer Awareness Nail Polish Collection: This one may be mostly for the ladies; Essie proudly introduced their latest breast cancer awareness collection with two fabulous shades of pink showing how they are Thinking Pink. A PINKtober manicure might be the perfect reason to leave the kids home, and get your nails Pink-a-fied for a great cause!
  3. Susan G. Komen - Race For The Cure: Get those pink sneaks ready and find a race near you! Make it a fun filled day of Thinking Pink for the whole family!
  4. Pink Ribbon Banking Account - Bank of America: Bank of America is working to “make every day Pink.” When a Pink Ribbon Banking Account is opened and activated they make a contribution to the Susan G. Komen effort. Komen receives a minimum of $3 and up to 0.20 percent of all net retail purchases made with the card. There’s no better way to Think Pink than doing it every day of the year!
  5. E.L.F. Studio HD Blush in Headliner: E.L.F. Cosmetics is donating 100% of the profits from the sale of their Studio HD Blush in their Headliner color to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. There’s no better way to Think Pink than to actually wear it on those rosy cheeks of yours!
Though wearing pink is not going to cure breast cancer there is one thing that we can take away from this, just how beautiful people really can be. Not just because they are wearing pink on the outside, but how they’re wearing it on their hearts during PINKtober. If none of these ways of supporting the pink initiative fit your day-to-day life, you can always find your local and national awareness campaigns and donate monetarily directly to the cause. I’d love to hear how you are Thinking Pink and supporting those living with breast cancer this October.
This article is dedicated to all the super women that are fighting and surviving breast cancer day-to-day. I guess we can throw the old “you fight like a girl” insult out the window, since today, fighting like a girl, means beating breast cancer!

Above Article credited to:
Jenny Creno

As for me, I'm celebrating by not only wearing Pink streaks in my hair, but by gifting customers 20% off all orders the month of October and with orders over $200.00, you get a free pink hair extension streaks of your choice!

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An awesome giveaway, topic, ands review site that parents can relate too! Check out Susan Heim!

Today I am SPOT LIGHTING!  Susan M. Heim!

Are you a blog follower?  Or perhaps someone who enjoys finding good reads?  Well look no further!  Here is a blog spot by Susan Heim.  Check out her site:

Susan M. Heim is a writer and editor, specializing in parenting, multiples, Christian and women’s issues. Her books include It’s Twins! Parent-to-Parent Advice from Infancy Through Adolescence; Boosting Your Baby’s Brain Power; Oh, Baby! 7 Ways a Baby Will Change Your Life the First Year; Twice the Love: Stories of Inspiration for Families with Twins, Multiples and Singletons; and numerous Chicken Soup for the Soul books. Her articles have appeared in many books, magazines and websites. Visit her author site at

Credited to:

It was funny because at first I thought the initials to her blog and emails stood for [shaking my head; parenting] but as I read more about her, those are her initials to her name!  Funny!  And she is a lovely woman!  I reached out to her about my products and she took time out of her busy schedule to refer me to someone else and write back.  I think that is awesome because so many messages being sent to her I'm sure for her advice and from her many blog post.  I'm sure its hard to get back to everyone.  So check out her blog; which features giveaways and recent topic and reviews posted by her.

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MyLuxury1st introduces it's Mica Matte Pigments in 12 colors.

MyLuxury1st introduces it's Mica Matte Pigments in 12 colors.  You can get them in 1g Samples which includes 1 of each color for $14.95 including shipping.
These can be used by themselves or to deepen the tone of other colors. These are all natural colors.  When they are used in clear bases, the colors will not remain transparent. A pastel color is produced in opaque white bases.
These pigment powders have been approved for cosmetic use for eye, lips, and as coloring agents for your home made formulas such as lotions, soaps, lip glosses, & more.
Any size is available at your request.

The 12 colors available are: 
  • Titanium dioxide White; you can choose for Oil, or for Water
  • Violet [Purple]
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Lavender
  • Orchid
  • Teal
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Blue
Email:  Denyce@Hairdresser.Net or Text: 1-323-515-2021 or simply use this CONTACT FORM to let me know your requirements.  Any size can be customized or ordered, along with bottles or make up jars.

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What do hair products with the word Replenish mean?

Hair products that have the word #replenish , on them, are made to #moisturize your #hair
This is what the word Replenish means. 

Check out some of the products over at:

"Although you may choose any line of products; You want to make sure that your hair, [whether wearing hair extensions or your own natural hair] is moisturized; This way your hair does not dry out and become easy to break."  Says owner of MyLuxury1st Hair Extensions


Sunday, October 6, 2013

Momma4_Life talks about Pink hair streaks
Should she trim them or keep them how they are? She is wearing two streaks, one on each side. She chose the color Pink because it is her favorite color. This review is describing how YouTube user/blogger Momma4Life feels about her pink hair streak extensions and the different ideas she came up while filming the review. We hope this helps with some of your pink hair color decisions when buying online or purchasing for yourself! Thanks for watching!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Breast Cancer Awareness month October! Go pink in support with Pink Strand hair extensions!

Go PINK this month! Get strands of pink hair extensions, take them to your salon or do it yourself!  Choose from Clip ins, U tips, Tape ins, or Micro loop PINK HAIR EXTENSIONS!  This month is Breast Cancer Awareness month!  Go pink in support!


Monday, September 30, 2013

Local hospitals sell pink hair extensions to support breast cancer aware...

Jane Ouimette, director of imaging services at Coastal Carolina Hospital, talks about the "Thinking Pink" event at Coastal Carolina Hospital in Hardeeville. In honor of breast cancer awareness month the public is invited to get a pink hair extension for a donation of $10. The proceeds from the fundraiser will be donated to the Lowcountry affiliate of the Susan G. Komen Foundation. The next "Think Pink" event will take place from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Wednesday, October 2 at Hilton Head Hospital on Hilton Head Island.

Credits go to:
Contact:  Jane Ouimette at Coastal Carolina Hospital  
Courtesy of: DelaynaEarley on Youtube
Follow: | Facebook | Get pink hair extensions

Repost & Share in reference to above credits
MyLuxury1st is not affiliated with the above sponsors.  If you live in that area, please go and check it out.  If you need pink hair extensions for a similar event, contact Denyce@Hairdresser.Net

David Tennant has somehow been busily growing a luscious mane of brunette locks

At first glance it would be easy to believe that David Tennant has somehow been busily growing a luscious mane of brunette locks.
But the star is in fact sporting hair extensions for his upcoming appearance in the Royal Shakespeare Company's Richard II, as the title character, which opens in two weeks.
The 42-year-old Doctor Who star was spotted arriving at the British Film Institute for a special Doctor Who screening, in honour of the show's 50th anniversary, whilst attempting to cover his new locks with a grey baker boy cap on Sunday. 

Credits go to By Sophia Charalambous 
For more, check out the below links By Sophia Charalambous

Read more:
Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook @myluxury1st on Twitter
@myluxury1st on Facbook

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Blue Keritin U tip strands See these fusion tips if you have never seen ...
These are 20 strands for streaks or highlights, not enough for a full head.  The tips are shaped like nails sort've which is how they got their name.

Ash Brown 22" ReUseable Remy Tape in hair extensions

These are so natural and undetectable most of the time.  They are a semi permanent solution to you hair needs.
22" long, Ash Brown, 100% Remy human hair, soft, silky, smooth

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Quick Review What's in my Juicy Couture Straw Brown & Gold Shimmer Palm ...

What's in my Daydreamer?
-An orange Michael Kors wallet
-A water
-My Cell
-A Victoria Secret lip gloss
-Business cards
-My cracked iPod
??What else??

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

MyLuxury1st Heatless Clip in Highlights compared to Sephora Clipin Streaks

  When compared to a name brand like Sephora clip in hair extensions, clearly the MyLuxury1st clip in streak is thicker, more vibrant, colorful, longer, and fashionable.
Clip in streaks are just a fun way of expressing yourself and changing the dimension of your hair do.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Chasing the cold v Comb straightener with a flat iron to get hair & exte...

Using the new v comb straightener and chasing it with a flat iron.

Using the vComb, chasing it with a flat iron to get the press look with out the press!
Also works well with blowdryers! 1. To create straight hair: insert the bomb into the hair, gently nip, put up the hair, blow with hair dryer and comb the hair, the natural hairstyle can be completed

A professional hair straightening comb. This innovative straightening comb allows you to effortlessly glide your styler over even sections of hair, held taut for extra-smooth styling. The comb allows for flexible and professional styling with a comfortable grip allowing you to rotate it 180 degrees while you style. The spring-loaded hinge securely holds each hair section taut and is ideal for both styling and cutting. The water-collecting holes at the top of the comb and the air-flow vents at the bottom can be used to spread treatment cream throughout hair.


Thursday, September 5, 2013

Simple & Quick highlights with Pink Clip in Peekaboo human hair extensio...

Pink Clip in hair extension streaks!  Super cute and easy to do!
Get yours today!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Authentic Juicy Couture handbags for under $50.00

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

2 New Juicy Couture Daydreamers for under 50.00 each!  Can't be beat!  Brown Palm Springs Daydreamer and the Black old school Juicy daydreamer!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Pigment Powder as cosmetics

Using pigment powder, that is also used to color soaps and other cosmetics, to color my lip gloss, so that way it matches my eye shadow, which is also the pigment powder, as it is multi-use.  Any pigment powder or eye shadow can be used to change colors, just make sure that you do not lick it a lot or swallow it, as it may not be good if ingested internally.

Clip in hair extensions are great for quickly switching up your hair do.

You can instantly add length and create volume with these.  Clip ins are quick and easy for on the go women who like to change their hair a lot.  Clip ins are super easy to snap back and forth and place any where on your head where you want the hair to go. You can get the same color as your own hair, or switch it up by adding a different color; especially if you have been wanting to know how you would look if you dye your own hair, but simply just don't want to go through with it.  You should definitely try a pair or 2 of clip ins, because once you clip in, you may not clip back!  They're perfect!  The preferred clip ins of choice are the 100% human hair clip ins by MyLuxury1st; an upcoming & leading online etailer of 100% human hair manufactured in the USA.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Change Lip Gloss Color to match Eye Shadow by adding pigment powders / G...
Using pigment powder, that is also used to color soaps and other cosmetics, to color my lip gloss, so that way it matches my eye shadow, which is also the pigment powder, as it is multi-use. Any pigment powder or eye shadow can be used to change colors, just make sure that you do not lick it a lot or swallow it, as it may not be good if ingested internally.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

TanyaSkyWalker on YouTube! Beauty and fashion blogger based in France -Myluxury1st clip-in hair extension streak review!

I received my hair extension relatively quick considering it was being shipped from the USA to France (it only took about 10 days if that!). It was well packaged in a padded envelope. The hair extension was packaged in a plastic bag with a sticky seal so it was air tight so nothing could get in or damage the product. It was also tied with a little ribbon so that the hair didn't get all tangled together. In the bag with the hair extension, you receive a little info leaflet (pictured above) with lots of useful information like how to care for your extension, price lists for extensions, a return policy and information about the company.
The lady who runs the company works on her own. She manufactures all of the products by herself. She is very knowledgeable and passionate about her products and what she does which is excellent to see! She is very willing to help with any problems or questions you may have about your order which is very useful indeed! All of her hair extensions are handmade by her so you know that you will not just be receiving some mass-produced rubbish from china!


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thursday, July 11, 2013

How should companies & employees handle workplace bullying?

Workplace bullying can be very frustrating and hard to deal with; especially if you are the one being picked on.  Bullying can be anything from being treated disrespectfully, being talked about, starred at, or monitored, to even the person trying their best to get you fired from your position.

What I learned from my past experience is not to get into a verbal confrontation with a bully.  This could make it worse!  The bully wants you to react so that they can get you in trouble.  All you need to do is look them in the eye, be calm, and strong.  Stand up for yourself!  Let the bully know that you are not the one to play with and that you will not tolerate how they are treating you.  Document the situation and ignore the bully.  If it happens again after your warning to them, tell the superior.   If all else fails, get a police report.  You will have documented everything beforehand, so your case will look good and I’m sure after the authorities are involved, they will have no choice but to leave you alone! 

Expert Hair Extensionist

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Monday, June 24, 2013

My Post on Blogger/Product Reviewer Micaela of Emilys Reviews

I was recently contacted by Micaela, -Writer for Emily Reviews @

She was a real pleasure to work with because she is very patient.  As I always state, I'm always skeptical of some reviewers, but I am always open as well.  So I have decided to start reviewing bloggers who review products as well.  After all, companies need to know who they are sending their products out to, right?  Right:)

Emily Reviews, is a review team who review lots of different items for their viewers and the reviews are searchable online and through their website.

Micaela is a writer here and she is a 23 year old student with the ultimate goal of becoming a doctor, or a drug researcher.  Very nice:)

I sent Micaela a 3 pcs clip in streaks set in colors Pink, Green, & Burgundy; with 3 extra clips [which I'm not sure she mentioned in her review]
Micaela is wearing the green one here: 
These streaks were sent to her on 5/29/2013 and the review was put up on 6/23/2013, which was 25 days later.  Lots of time to test out the product for herself and curl, wash, re-straighten.  This is very good when accepting items for review as you want the reviewer to test out the product for any flaws, that way if there happens to be some, they can let you know and you can fix them, or improve your product, other than the reviewer getting the product and reviewing it the next day.  How can you review something you have never really used?  This is especially what I liked about how Micaela conducted herself and her review.  Way to go!

I would recommend Micaela, and her friends @ Emilys Reviews, for other companies who want honest testing and opinions of their items, because it not only helps potential readers but may also help companies if they can build a relationship with people who are able to test out their products so that quality assurance is always certain.

Friday, June 21, 2013

A mouse in my kitchens MyLuxury1st 3 piece holiday clip in extensions & blog review

I was contacted either late May; or Early June 2013 by blog Owner: Markell of A mouse in my ; who's goal is to cook 100 things and document them in her blog.

She wanted to know if I could send her a product of mine to feature in her blog.  I am always a little skeptical when asked for items because a lot of bloggers only want free items.  I checked out her blog and felt it would be okay.  I sent her package off on June 3, 2013 and she completed her review on June 18, 2013 [11 business days later]  She announced she had received the items on June 8, 2013 [4 business days later].

This is a picture of the sponsored items used and tested by Markell: 
3 clip in streaks, 100% Real human hair, Red, Blonde, & Blue, 20" long; just in time for the upcoming holiday!  You can check her review out here:  A mouse in my kitchen's 3 piece clip in review  She also posted a couple other pics for her viewers.

I welcome opportunities where I feel comfortable to share my items with bloggers such as Markell.  She was really nice in her messages and posted her own opinionated review of my items.  I like to review bloggers, as so many of them are only out to get free items, but Markell is not like that.  Although she may inquire about reviewing items, her opinions are of her own mind and she actually will use the item and make sure it is a good item before posting a review.  She wont just review every single item she gets just because she asked for it or because it was sent to her.  If you want more information about her or would like to work with her, feel free to check out her blog when you have the chance!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

How to make your tape extensions last a longer?

1- Make sure your hair has no residue. This includes the tape in extension weft and the clients hair. If you have any residue left behind, the new tape will slip and break down faster. 2- Use heat when installing tape in hair extensions! Using a little heat from a flat iron will help the tape expand and grab onto the hair and then shrink back with a stronger, more flexible hold. 3- When attaching the tape to the hair, make sure you remove all excess hair that is not stuck in the tape! 4- Use a dry shampoo when you can to lessen the amounts of washing. Skipping washes with hair extensions will extend your hold. 5- Swimming pools and salt water will also break down the tape bond. You can swim with your extensions in, but try to not submerge your tape bonds for long periods of time. Wearing a swimming cap can help to prevent harsh water from hitting your bonds. Need to ask a question? You can contact me here.

Hairdressers who claim they know it all!

I do not like when someone tells me they have been doing hair extensions for 10+ years, yet they do not know how to apply certain hair extensions, just because they are not used to them. Such as tape ins. There are ones that you heat to apply and ones that you don't. Some hair stylist are way over their head, don't apply the hair right and then their customer complains and the stylist try to blame it on bad quality hair when infact, they were the ones who put the hair in wrong.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Myluxury1st hair extensions is an online based company

Myluxury1st hair extensions is an online based company specializing in 100% human hair extensions, with smooth & silky texture that is suitable for any woman with natural straight or relaxed hair. The company is operated and owned by who manufactures all of the hair systems herself. She offers clip ins, fusion tips; flat, nail, and u tips, micro links; stick i tips, Remy loop, micro bead, & tape adhesive hair extensions. The business is operated online 24/7. Any customer can order via text or email or simply off her site. All orders usually ship within 6-10 business days with items & supplies warehoused at the Amazon and Sears fulfillment centers. This company stands out because it is run by one individual who dedicates her time to her clients by providing complete satisfaction and excellent customer service. All shipping to the USA is free on all hair extensions. There are many lengths, from 15"-30", colors, and grams to choose from. There is also a line of Brazilian human hair weft in body wave texture; which is unprocessed and virgin human hair. The company has recently added sulfate free shampoo and conditioner to their base of products. You should choose Denyce as your hair extensionist for the quality service that is offered always.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Healthy hair growth & Moisturizing

Good morning! I would like to leave you with some excellent knowledge when it comes to your hair and some tips. Please follow me here either on my blog or or for this journey! You may also catch me on my YouTube channel @ Mrs.D3nise BE HEALTHY FOR YOUR HAIR! When you become healthier, it follows that your hair would have improvements on its health as well. In other words, your hair would also grow faster than usual. Thus, it is best to follow healthy practices, if you want to grow your hair fast, as well as if you want it to look really beautiful. TREAT YOUR HAIR WELL TO MAKE IT GROW FASTER! If you want your hair to grow faster, you have to make sure that it is healthy as well. With that, you have to treat it well, so that it would become as healthy as possible. Treating it well means not using harmful products on it, and caring for it as much as you can each day. USE PRODUCTS THAT ARE MOISTURIZING! Hair that is dry becomes brittle easily, which can also slow hair growth. You have to make sure that you hair is full of moisture at all times. You should make sure that you are using moisturizing hair products, such as your shampoos, conditioners, and such. Denyce@Hairdresser.Net

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Quick Hair Back off Your Face backwards Bangs Bump with Bobbi pins

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Didn't work for me but worked for these 2 lovely ladies below: PURSEBUZZ: Tiffany_Hollins: My Youtube: Milani Eyeshadow Primer 01 Nude VS. my bootleg home made primer: Trublend #5 #465 Tawny by CG/Milani Secret Cover Concealer Results may vary according to different experiences Bought the Milani Eyeshadow Primer at TARGET for: $5.99 Instagram: MyLuxury1st for pics My story: Hair Extensions: Me: Denyce@Hairdresser.Net This was my first time using it! So I'll probably use it again to see if I can find a difference!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Before & After pics of MyLuxury1st Remy tape hair install

A #before and #after of @HillBillyWithAtwist instagram Remy tape hair extension pic!

#before and #after @Salon96

A #before and #after @Salon96

MyLuxury1st Hair Extensions


Monday, February 18, 2013

Beautiful Victoria's Secret Hair Extensions inspired curls Quick Tutorial

Beautiful Victoria's Secret hair tutorial using MyLuxury1st Hair Extensions! 1st -carefully brush through hair and extensions to remove any tangles. 2nd -section off hair with a hair tye; starting at top of your ears. 3rd -with a 1" curling iron; wrap about 1 inch of your hair around the barrel, Be careful not to burn fingers on the curling iron... 4th -leave on curler for about 10-15 seconds and then release You should end up with a beautiful curl like the video! Continue wrapping your hair around the iron; away from your face. 5th -section your hair again about 2-3 inches away from last section, repeat process, careful brushing. You can alternate curling hair toward and away from face to prevent curls from clumping together. 6th -when you get to the top section of your hair, section into triangular Mohawk shape Curl your hair on the Mohawk section first, taking time to get it right, this is most important! 7th -when done, release Mohawk section, and grab 1 inch thick pcs of your hair; starting from front and wrap around barrel away from face like video. Continue the steps in that manner, to complete style. 8th -run fingers through hair; and carefully brush with paddle brush, be careful! 9th -seal deal with your fave hair spray and sheen if you would like! Spray all throughout hair, especially at roots to give curls a lift! Run fingers through 1 last time and your done! Hope you enjoyed this! Like, Comment, & Subscribe! Thanks! Xoxo- Http://

Tuesday, February 12, 2013 Tape hair extensions. Customer video testimony.

Visit: for your selection of 100% Real human hair! Shipping is only $4.49 This store is owned and operated by so you know you are receiving absolute quality! For free shipping; shop: Remy tape hair extensions were bought for the customers daughters. They were so excited & happy they re-ordered. This is their #1 go to for 100% handmade Remy human hair extensions with free shipping; made right here in the USA! Any questions; contact the companies owner. You will be a returning customer too!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

TURQUOISE DREAM: * My Luxury1st Hair Extensions *

TURQUOISE DREAM: * My Luxury1st Hair Extensions *: About My Luxury1st Hair Extensions - My Luxury1st is an e-commerce custom hair extensions site that was founded in the summer of 2011.... CLICK THE LINK ABOVE FOR MORE INFO!

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NO.5 Chanel Perfume, Bracelet, Mini MAC haul, 20 single strands Micro lo...


No.5 Chanel perfume, Bracelet, Mini MAC lipstick & shadow GIVE AWAY!


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

50 grams, 100 strands Ombre Remy i Tips

These I tips are Gorgeous and go for 95.00 per 100 strand 50 gram bundles.

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MakeupByElysa: Review | MyLuxury1st Hair Extensions

MakeupByElysa: Review | MyLuxury1st Hair Extensions: Hayya Lovely's, Happy New Year!! this is my first post of 2013. Today i'm going to do a review on the MyLuxury1st hair extension...