Saturday, July 19, 2014

Purple Clip in Streaks review by Lisa | Frugal Mommie of 2

From the Blog:
Meet Lisa!  Author of the blog Mommie of 2.  She's been blogging for over 3 years.  She  enjoys blogging and sharing great products that she finds with her readers.  She's also a stay at home mom of a 7 and 9 year old.  She also has two lovable cats, enjoys cooking, baking, exercising, crafting, reading, and spending time outdoors!  Check out her blog for interesting updates whenever you get the chance!

Today she is reviewing the 4 piece Purple MyLuxury1st human hair clip in extension streaks.  She has cut them to fit her trim and used 2 on her daughter.  These are great funky colors for the days you want to add a little life and difference to your hair.  Your kiddies might also find these enjoyable and fun to play with so check them out today!  Don't delay!

Available at
if sold out, contact:

100% real human hair extension streaks made in the USA

Monday, July 14, 2014

Sea Breeze Original Formula Astringent | Product Review 1-800-487-7273
It says it's for normal skin which is what I thought I had. My skin isn't
super oily, but I do like to keep it clean! I tried this
toner/astringent and for me it is too strong. I would suggest getting
the sensitive formula. I do think it works well though under the arms
to get all the deodorant and excess dirt off. Try it and tell me how
you liked it! If you have a toner/astringent you love to use, suggest
it below.

Thanks for watching/reading!
Brand Owner|Manufacturer
For PR Contact: MyLuxury1st@Publicist.comc

Micro Tape Mini Square Tip Glue Fusion Hair Extensions Demo
Here is a quick demo on how to apply mini tape tip micro extensions.
Half the size of the regular rectangle shape tape in, so it is more flexible and movable and seems more seamless and even invisible.  Definitely a strand by strand method.  Use for streaks or mix and match for a full head.  All colors available!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

5 Bright Red Micro loop hair extension strands

 #microloop #hairextensions
5 bright red human hair extension strands and streaks. 
Any color available and these are so easy to put in or have fitted by your stylist.  They are also reusable in most cases.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Instant Highlights with Tape in Hair Extensions | The Royalle Palace

Here is a quick Demo by Tishema Georges | Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist of how easy it is to use Tape in Hair Extensions

The Royalle Palace
of Pembroke Pines/Miramar Salon Services


Miami, FL area
If you are in the Pembroke Pines/Miramar area, check out this salon and stylist to get your hair extensions installed!

Shared/Re-blogged by:  Denyce@Hairdresser.Net
For Seamless Remy Tape in hair extensions in every color and length.  Made and shipped in the USA

For the MyLuxury1st Hair Extensions, for a longer and lasting bond, please heat the bond to seal the adhesive wefts for 1-3 seconds with your flat iron.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

3 piece Clip in Hair Streaks | Modified Beauty Review
Taylor, a #selfproclaimed
#beautyjunkie and #catlady from the south; makes #YouTubevideos about
#makeup, #hair, things she #buys, things she #makes, and

Check out her #blog here:

If you would like to contact her to review your item:

She's #reviewing the red, blonde, and blue 3 piece #clipin #hairextension #streaks which are available in all colors.

piece is about 19-20" long and about 1" wide with 1 clip attached to
each. #Silky, #smooth, #shiny, #realhumanhair, great #quality
#hairextensions. Fuller sets #available upon request.

Friday, July 4, 2014

My Great Finds | A family friendly product review blog site | by: Jessam...

Blog Post: MyGreatFinds
A #family #friendly #product #review and #giveaway site.
[[open to SHOW MORE]]
Jessamine Dungo is an #active #blogger and stay at home mom of 2 girls; + she's a
wife!  She has a degree in B.S Medical Technology.

Jessamine has devoted her time to #blogging.  She enjoys writing reviews and #hosting giveaways!

If you are a company looking for your product to be reviewed, please see the attached video and demo of Jessamine's work.

Disclaimer:  The items sent to this blogger were for review purposes.  All opinions expressed are of her own.

Original Video:

Hair Streaks of any color:  http://www.myluxury1st
Follow @MyLuxury1st on social networks

For Partnerships and PR contact:

Frugal Diaries Red White and Blue 4th of July | Michele Wang

A very first #video #review by #Blogger:   Michele Wang
[[open for details]]
Michelle Wang is a #talented blogger in Scottsdale, AZ
She prefers nights to morning, dogs to cats, & driving to flying.

Diaries was started in 2012 as a creative outlet to share Michelle's
adventures! She post stories and pictures to go along with them on her
blog so be sure to stop by and check it out! Also if you would like the
opportunity to work with her so that she can honestly review your
product or services, feel free to contact her via her blog.

Thanks for stopping by!
All opinions are of the Blog Owner and this item was sent to the owner for review.

To review your own hair extension streaks visit: or contact

Thursday, July 3, 2014

LV type Faded Gold Tone Copper Wrist Bracelet

Blog Sale:
This is pre-owned.
The picture shows what you will get.  The title and description say exactly what you will receive. 

So I didn't just want to throw this out, although I looked at it for a long time and was like, maybe I should throw it away, but then I'm like, I used to like stuff like this so maybe someone else will want it or know how to fix it up.

This does has a rusty type smell to it.
It's faded and was a gold tone, but now has some copper tints to it.
It is chain linked.

A Bracelet, costume jewelry
Unbranded, looks similar to an LV, just has some letters there with 2 of the Rhinestones missing.
Please see pictures, rhinestones are missing and color is faded.

Color may differ slightly due to camera and lighting, please allow it
Text 323-515-202one with your best offer and to have it shipped to you.

4th of July Inspired Makeup & Hair Look!★

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Empty Juicy Couture Box

Here is a previously owned Juicy Couture box.
It came with a bracelet in it.
[Bracelet not included]
Box is empty.

Length 9.5"x1.5"
Tallness 1"

This box shows very little wear and still has the $88.00 tag attached inside [Original price of the bracelet.]
If anyone is interested in getting this box, please let me know.  You can purchase through text: 323-515-202one

Price: $9.95 including shipping

Can be used to re-gift, re-box or for your own personal use.

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