Sunday, May 3, 2015

Lot of 8 Sample Micas for Soap and Cosmetic Making 1g pigment powders

Published on May 3, 2015 These are 8 shimmer Micas for Soap and Cosmetic making.

packs of 1g are something that I came up with; I was actually the 1st
to come up with this idea, but a fake friend started copying my every
move so watch out for her fake items showing up under mine on the

You get 1 gram samples of Mica Powder Colors -ALL
MICAS! Powdered MICA Colors are: Orange, Pink, Purple, Teal, Blue,
Yellow Gold, Burgundy, and White. They all have shimmer or sparkle
finishes in clear bases in which they work very well in! Micas can be
used as ingredients in a wide variety of handmade cosmetics. Use them as
ingredients in Eye shadow, Blush, Nail Polish; and of course M&P
soap making!!! Some soap makers dust these on top of their CP soaps
since the Micas are light reflective and need the light to show up
inside the actual soap.
These are approved for use in general
cosmetics & soaps: such as eyes, skin and lips. In white bases; the
shimmer will not show. These can also be used in CP soap making for that

Depending on your additives and formulations, your color can vary slightly. Non bleeding, Stable colors that do not Morph.
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