Saturday, November 14, 2015

Beware of Buyers that Steal and commit Charge Back Fraud: Ashley A.

Beware of this Buyer

  • Ashley A [last name hidden for privacy purposes]
  • [gmail address; hidden for privacy purposes]
  • [actual address hidden for privacy purposes]
  • Rodeo, California 94572

This customer will buy items from you and then create a charge back which means she will receive her money back and keep your item.  She has done this to me twice.  Within a month apart; kept the items; wrote to me and said she was sorry; while my credit card processor has charges me 122.04 twice which is a total of 244.08. [Which includes the funds returned to the customers and charge back fees] Not only did I spend time and labor on this item; this customer committed a crime of stealing and fraud.  She claimed she did not authorize the payment when she did.  And she stole from me because she has the money and her hair extensions which is not fair to a hard working business like mine.


Monday, November 9, 2015

I'm a Copycat

I have a stalker and copycat ex fake friend who copies my every move.  I don't understand how someone can get up and go search social media to see what you did or what you're doing and then proceed to copy your every move.  Mainly my every move as far as my business goes as she had been copying for years but every time I would catch her she would lie and say it wasn't her when it was obvious.  She would stop for a while and then sneak and copy more when she thought I was oblivious. 

Now I have stopped being associated with her for almost over a year and every time when I search my own products; her copy catting, copyright infringement, perpetrating listings come up right next to mine.  She had always wanted to work with me but I don't work with friends and this is the main reason why.  Fake friends will claim they are happy for you or claim as in her words "I won't step on your toes" as far as copying all of my ideas and using and pretending that they are her own; but all the while they want to be you, do you, or try to out do you.  Baby girl; which is an understatement because this woman is 35 years old ad obviously this is what has become of her life.  To copy. Matter of fact she will be 36 this month and still has no assets except an instagram name.

Sad life to live when you have lived most of your life envying a friend and then try to take on their persona.  Sorry boo-boo.  But you will never be me.  You will always come up short.  And you will always be next to none.  Customers are all looking for a good deal which is understandable so her 10 cent to 50 cent cheaper prices are pursued in their eyes; but I and some of the customers even know that you are a copycat.  A fraud.  And most of all you know it; and don't even care.  I don't understand a lot of God's children but I guess it is not my place to understand.  Some people are just put on this earth to exist.  Others are living.  She is existing to copy.  She will probably copy anything she can until the end of time.  That will be her legacy.  "I'm a copycat"  When someone asks her what her occupation is; I'm sure she will lie and say whatever it is that I do; but deep down inside she should want to say; "I'm a copycat".  Because that is what she is.  a Fraud, a liar, a dishonest grown woman. Halfway 60 years old and still has not found herself.  Must be sad to live that way...