Saturday, November 14, 2015

Beware of Buyers that Steal and commit Charge Back Fraud: Ashley A.

Beware of this Buyer

  • Ashley A [last name hidden for privacy purposes]
  • [gmail address; hidden for privacy purposes]
  • [actual address hidden for privacy purposes]
  • Rodeo, California 94572

This customer will buy items from you and then create a charge back which means she will receive her money back and keep your item.  She has done this to me twice.  Within a month apart; kept the items; wrote to me and said she was sorry; while my credit card processor has charges me 122.04 twice which is a total of 244.08. [Which includes the funds returned to the customers and charge back fees] Not only did I spend time and labor on this item; this customer committed a crime of stealing and fraud.  She claimed she did not authorize the payment when she did.  And she stole from me because she has the money and her hair extensions which is not fair to a hard working business like mine.


Monday, November 9, 2015

I'm a Copycat

I have a stalker and copycat ex fake friend who copies my every move.  I don't understand how someone can get up and go search social media to see what you did or what you're doing and then proceed to copy your every move.  Mainly my every move as far as my business goes as she had been copying for years but every time I would catch her she would lie and say it wasn't her when it was obvious.  She would stop for a while and then sneak and copy more when she thought I was oblivious. 

Now I have stopped being associated with her for almost over a year and every time when I search my own products; her copy catting, copyright infringement, perpetrating listings come up right next to mine.  She had always wanted to work with me but I don't work with friends and this is the main reason why.  Fake friends will claim they are happy for you or claim as in her words "I won't step on your toes" as far as copying all of my ideas and using and pretending that they are her own; but all the while they want to be you, do you, or try to out do you.  Baby girl; which is an understatement because this woman is 35 years old ad obviously this is what has become of her life.  To copy. Matter of fact she will be 36 this month and still has no assets except an instagram name.

Sad life to live when you have lived most of your life envying a friend and then try to take on their persona.  Sorry boo-boo.  But you will never be me.  You will always come up short.  And you will always be next to none.  Customers are all looking for a good deal which is understandable so her 10 cent to 50 cent cheaper prices are pursued in their eyes; but I and some of the customers even know that you are a copycat.  A fraud.  And most of all you know it; and don't even care.  I don't understand a lot of God's children but I guess it is not my place to understand.  Some people are just put on this earth to exist.  Others are living.  She is existing to copy.  She will probably copy anything she can until the end of time.  That will be her legacy.  "I'm a copycat"  When someone asks her what her occupation is; I'm sure she will lie and say whatever it is that I do; but deep down inside she should want to say; "I'm a copycat".  Because that is what she is.  a Fraud, a liar, a dishonest grown woman. Halfway 60 years old and still has not found herself.  Must be sad to live that way...


Saturday, October 3, 2015

About MyLuxuy1st powdered Pigment Powder samples and colorants for DIY soaps and cosmetics

Beware of powdered up fakes or fake rack pigment powder sellers who are perpetrating and or copying my listings and projects word for word and are un-authentic.  This is a simple sign if you pay attention to their work ethics.  Many people copy what @MYLuxury1st does and many people are inspired to the point where they at least switch things up, ask me questions; which I am always happy to help... but when someone copies your every waking move; it is not a good sign and or practice.

How can you trust a company who's whole work ethic is to be lazy and copy what others are doing instead of being innovative and creating their own work. And they make is very obvious that they are copying; they are not even ashamed.  This is why you must be aware of the people you keep around you. People are so jealous and envious of you that they will hide behind your back and copy you and when you confront them about it; of course they will lie.  And this is why you want to keep communication with a liar to a 0.  Do not tolerate it.  The first sign of a lie; you need to move on and stop dealing or putting up with people who do not appreciate you.  Otherwise you will find yourself in a similar situation to me in which I befriended a fake friend and taught the person everything I know and was learning; I am constantly learning; but when I didn't want to share all of what I was doing; because face it; I'm a hard worker and a legit business woman; Does the maker of Apple or Pizza Hut share all of their trademark secrets?  No.  So I didn't share every single thing with me fake friend and when I did not; she got mad and become more mad, jealous, envious, and so it makes for not such a great relationship and you have to let the person go.  Once you let the person go; they are so obsessed with you that they copy your every move; try to talk and work as if they are you and it is pathetic.

I started making soaps and simple cosmetics just for myself and family a few years ago and had lots of supplies left over from projects that did not turn out how I would have liked them so I began selling my items and pigment samples online and I figured people who wanted to test the colorants before buying in bulk would benefit from this and they did and still do.

I don' make a lot of money on this venture because everything is so small and the main point is jut for testing and for people who are interested as I am to just get a feel of what they may want to make or create.  But it does allow me to get sandwiches and help feed my family as I am a work at home mom.  So this is great for me.  I get to stay home with my kiddies and help contribute to not only my family but to my community as well.

I list the pigments in custom or sample sizes such as 1g, 2g, 3g, and 4 gram sample packets.  I am not the first to ever sell samples but I am the first to ever sell them in these small increments.  These re great for testing in eye shadow making; making your own nail polishes; coloring resins, paints, arts, and crafts, and so much more!  I recently even tried making hair dye and had the nerve to test it on my kid... lol.  It's fun to make you own items and it's a great project to do with the kiddies and spend time with them.

The thing I hate about my fake friend is that she just copies all of my moves; it's so annoying.  From the wording to the pictures; she will set up her whole platform to mimic me and if I talk abut it like I am not; she just takes it as free promotion and offers her items cheaper which she is able for certain unethical reasons... but isn't she inspired to come up with her own things, even once?  I don't understand in which I have expressed this to her; out of all the people in the world to copy; why me?  I'm just a regular woman who enjoys and loves life and my daily duties.  I'm really not that exciting but that's the thing; when you feel like you are regular and unexciting; there are always other people who feel your life is super great and better than theirs so it drives them to do things they would not or may not normally do.

I just don't understand because I have never been that type of person.  I prefer to go with the beat of my own drum and not someone else's and I am occasionally inspired by people; I love to be inspired but I take that inspiration and use it to do things to better myself and to make me think harder and work harder.

Moral of my story; I will continue to be me; and to strive to be a better me and no one can do what I do; exactly like me.  We were all built to lead different and similar lives and I would not trade mine for anyone elses.

Thanks for reading!
Done venting.
If you have any questions or would like to get in contact with me; please feel free to message me or even if you need to talk.

Have a happy day!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

I think it takes me too long to do my hair

Just a quick video...well not that quick...pre-editing it took me about 35 minutes.  To me that is long as I don't like to spend that much time on my hair; nor do I realize that I even spend that much time on my hair in the first place but now that I know; I will try to take this into consideration to save myself time in the future; although I don't think it will work because you know how us girls are... we love to be in the mirror prepping ourselves; well most of us do...anywho...

How long does it take you to complete a hairstyle for yourself and do you go in the bathroom already knowing which hair style you will do or do you just freestyle??  Feel free to let me know by commenting below.

Thank you for reading!




Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Vlog. Girl Talk at Chili's. Presidente, Brain Freeze, Shoe Cam Chit Chat

So at like 9pm or way after; I hit up Corinna and we decided to go to Chili's for a drink. Moms' night out! I don't remember when we got there but it was really just us two in there lol. Just some girl time and then back to regular life.

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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Reminiscing with my Chuck E Cheese vlog | July 2015

Was I at Chuckz for myself or for my kids?

I mean, I did have a good time with my kids; and I know they had a
good time.  We stayed for about 3 and a half hours after I only really
wanted to be there for about 2 hours.  But this was... I believe our
first time this year so freak it, I had to stay longer plus I wanted to
actually hang out with them instead of trying to vlog the whole time.  I
caught myself in some bittersweet moments thinking about how Chucks
used to be when I was a kid.  When I was a kid I didn't go to chucks
that much.  Only for someones bday.  My kids are different.  Since they
have been born I have took them plenty of times and it doesn't have to
be anyone's birthday.  For me, it was Showbiz Pizza when I first went. 
Then later Chuckz and there was even a Discovery Zone.  I had my first
Push Pop there.  The place always smelled delicious!  The food was good
from what I remember.  The ball pit was super fun.  The characters were
dope but scary at the same time.  It was a real treat to go!

Now a days; this is all my kids know so of course it's fun to
them.  But the pizza barely has cheese.  I mean "barely".  And
everything looks slightly dirty.  Maybe when you are a kid you don't pay
attention to detail.  Maybe this is what is so great about being a
kid.  That's why this is a place "where a kid can be a kid"

I'm sure I will have more play dates there because the moms
group goes there 1x a month at least so that's about 5 more times this
year, but I think I will go every other month.  I know it's for my
kiddies, but dang it; I still have to be in the mood to take them.  Plus
I work a lot so sometimes it gets hard but I took half the day off to
take them there because I want them to do 2 fun things a week before
school starts.

What are your thoughts about the new and the old chuckz?

Tell me.  I would like to read your thoughts.

Reminiscing sucks because it means I am getting older.  Time is going so fast, you really need to enjoy it while you can.

What I remember from the 80s-90s

What I remember from the 80s-90s

The characters.  Dope but scary.

The characters. Dope but scary.

Then and Now

Then and Now

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Sample Sized Pigment Powders for Soaps and Cosmetics

Get sample sized soap and cosmetic pigments for your handmade projects!
MyLuxury1st™ has launched a custom #1 lot of 11 pigments for sampling purposes which include Matte Iron oxides and Ultramarines such as Black, Titanium Dioxide, and so on...

(Press Release) Jul 2, 2015 -- MyLuxury1st™ has launched a custom #1 lot of 11 pigments for sampling purposes which include Matte Iron oxides and Ultramarines such as Black, Titanium Dioxide, Brown, Brick Red, Mustard Yellow, Green, Blue, Lavender, Orchid, and Purple Violet but that are not limited to Micas, Glitters, Solid and Liquid colorants for Soap and Cosmetic making formulations upon request. Customers are welcome to testing sample sized interlock baggie pigments that are non-bleeding, do not morph and are water soluble. The owner; Denyce @MyLuxury1st™ vendors and distributes sample sized pigment colorants in 1g, 2g, 3g, and 4 gram sample sizes daily with bigger or more quantity available if needed.
MyLuxury1st™ will distribute more Soap and Cosmetic colorants as prototypes for demonstration and test batching for its current and future customers. Their luxury first with these sample sizes that are administered for Melt and Pour, Cold Process, and Hot Process soap making along with personal handmade products such as eye shadows, foundations, blushes, concealers, shower gels, and cosmetics of handmade nature made by arts and crafters. Available immediately for test batching specific colorants before buying in bulk from leading brands.
MyLuxury1st™ is Trademarked and has obtained a warehouse in Southern, CA that stores all inventory from hair, pigments, colorants, and even clothes from its online consignment shop. Based exclusively online; customers are can request or choose sample pigments and hair, and even restock or house their items in the MyLuxury1st™ fulfillment center for distribution.
MyLuxury1st™ is a #1 staple in supplying customers nationwide and a great source with a wide range of sample colorants and pigments for handmade soap and cosmetic needs. MyLuxury1st™is the first to offer low increment sampling servicesin sizes 1g, 2g, 3g, and 4 gram online. Samples are always available upon request and can also be custom made and ready in stock.
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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Lot of 8 Sample Micas for Soap and Cosmetic Making 1g pigment powders

Published on May 3, 2015 These are 8 shimmer Micas for Soap and Cosmetic making.

packs of 1g are something that I came up with; I was actually the 1st
to come up with this idea, but a fake friend started copying my every
move so watch out for her fake items showing up under mine on the

You get 1 gram samples of Mica Powder Colors -ALL
MICAS! Powdered MICA Colors are: Orange, Pink, Purple, Teal, Blue,
Yellow Gold, Burgundy, and White. They all have shimmer or sparkle
finishes in clear bases in which they work very well in! Micas can be
used as ingredients in a wide variety of handmade cosmetics. Use them as
ingredients in Eye shadow, Blush, Nail Polish; and of course M&P
soap making!!! Some soap makers dust these on top of their CP soaps
since the Micas are light reflective and need the light to show up
inside the actual soap.
These are approved for use in general
cosmetics & soaps: such as eyes, skin and lips. In white bases; the
shimmer will not show. These can also be used in CP soap making for that

Depending on your additives and formulations, your color can vary slightly. Non bleeding, Stable colors that do not Morph.
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Xoxo Denyce

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

When you have a copycat or person copying your every move

Copying my listings, my descriptions, and me, oh my!

I'm sure my copy cat is stalking me now and about to copy and paste this whole guide to their guide.. or wherever.  It started off as a fake friendship where this older woman wanted to copy everything I did in real life.  Now online, 'which is still real life'; the perp is copying all my listings, descriptions, and titles, looking up my ingredients; 'because I make my own handmade products'; and going out to the store and or online and buying everything she thinks I have so she can re-sell it online.  The poor older woman wanted to be #1 at something so she is #1 at copying.  She even copied another ebayers consignment business by the name of 'Linda's Stuff'; which is a great-reselling business online of gently used and pre-owned items] she copied that lady so much that even their business name match!  But she didn't know her.  She knew of me.  It's a sad situation when someone you knew of.. wants to be you so bad that they dress like you, talk like you, and then copy you online through eBay.  No need to report the shop, eBay barely does anything and I'm not one to stay on the phone complaining to eBay about someone else's listings, but it's so creepy!  Usually someone who copies your listings online are other sellers you don't know so it's whatever; but when it's someone who has been in your house; stole and theifed from you and then tries to take it to another level; it's just creepy!  Wouldn't you agree?  Now I'm sure a very similar post will show up pertaining to me to try and make it like I'm the creeper. lolol.  I'm unbothered really; I think it's flattering at the same time because I'm a nobody.  I'm just a girl who came out with some business thoughts and posted them on eBay and chatted about them to my perp; unknowing that a person I thought was a close friend would copy my every move! 

Sound Familiar?

Be careful which friends you mentor.  It can backfire.  I taught the copycat everything she knows, and when I peeped game and stopped, the copycat became even nosier and it's as if her life revolves around me.  It's so weird, but I continue to list my listings knowing that within 1-2 days, the perp will be right on top of it.  It even got so bad that she is erasing my name on my pictures and writing her own name.  Like one of those crazy movies!  And she copied and pasted so many of my listings, that some of them actually revert back to my page. Ahahaha!  Classic!

I, on the other hand will continue to do my own thing as I'm an individual.  I started making soaps and personal cosmetic items back in 2011-2012 and became the #1 supplier of sample pigments by little increments, so I guess the perp wants to take my crown.  It's okay.  Take it.  I'm good with it.  I share and I'm humble.  I don't copy off of others, I come up with my own ideas and no matter how much this perp lies or tries to pretend that she is someone she is not; at night when she goes to bed; if she ever does; she has to face the ugly person she has become.  And obviously even her; herself does not like her own self because she's so busy copying others and me!

The End.

Any questions, comments, thoughts?  Be sure to comment below or PM.
Have you ever had this creepy type of incident happen to you?

About the Author:
MyCloset1st is just a small shop on eBay who sells handmade items and some pre-owned items as well.  Nothing major; but something AWESOME! 
MyCloset1st is owned by Denyce; a random person in this random eBay world.