Tuesday, May 28, 2013

How to make your tape extensions last a longer?

1- Make sure your hair has no residue. This includes the tape in extension weft and the clients hair. If you have any residue left behind, the new tape will slip and break down faster. 2- Use heat when installing tape in hair extensions! Using a little heat from a flat iron will help the tape expand and grab onto the hair and then shrink back with a stronger, more flexible hold. 3- When attaching the tape to the hair, make sure you remove all excess hair that is not stuck in the tape! 4- Use a dry shampoo when you can to lessen the amounts of washing. Skipping washes with hair extensions will extend your hold. 5- Swimming pools and salt water will also break down the tape bond. You can swim with your extensions in, but try to not submerge your tape bonds for long periods of time. Wearing a swimming cap can help to prevent harsh water from hitting your bonds. Need to ask a question? You can contact me here. http://www.myluxury1st.com

Hairdressers who claim they know it all!

I do not like when someone tells me they have been doing hair extensions for 10+ years, yet they do not know how to apply certain hair extensions, just because they are not used to them. Such as tape ins. There are ones that you heat to apply and ones that you don't. Some hair stylist are way over their head, don't apply the hair right and then their customer complains and the stylist try to blame it on bad quality hair when infact, they were the ones who put the hair in wrong.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Myluxury1st hair extensions is an online based company

Myluxury1st hair extensions is an online based company specializing in 100% human hair extensions, with smooth & silky texture that is suitable for any woman with natural straight or relaxed hair. The company is operated and owned by Denyce@hairdresser.net who manufactures all of the hair systems herself. She offers clip ins, fusion tips; flat, nail, and u tips, micro links; stick i tips, Remy loop, micro bead, & tape adhesive hair extensions. The business is operated online 24/7. Any customer can order via text or email or simply off her site. All orders usually ship within 6-10 business days with items & supplies warehoused at the Amazon and Sears fulfillment centers. This company stands out because it is run by one individual who dedicates her time to her clients by providing complete satisfaction and excellent customer service. All shipping to the USA is free on all hair extensions. There are many lengths, from 15"-30", colors, and grams to choose from. There is also a line of Brazilian human hair weft in body wave texture; which is unprocessed and virgin human hair. The company has recently added sulfate free shampoo and conditioner to their base of products. You should choose Denyce as your hair extensionist for the quality service that is offered always.