Tuesday, December 30, 2014

How the inside of online Clip in hair bangs look

These Clip in bangs are a quick change in hairstyle when you don't
feel like fussing with your natural bangs or want to go for a quick
celebrity look! Clip them on and off whenever you want!

These clip-in bangs were handmade, inspired by all the fringes that are
popular with celebrities. Made by Denyce of MyLuxury1st, an American
hair extensions company in the USA

Frequent Questions and Answers:
Are these easy to attach? Yes
Do I have to get these installed at the salon? No, you can do these yourself at home.
Can I add more clips? Yes, if you would like
Do you ship international? Yes.

For inquires contact: Denyce@Hairdresser.net

23 inch 24" Blonde U tip Hair Extensions True to Length

24" Remy U tip human hair extensions. Double Drawn; so length is
actually about 23-24" long, give or take, and is true to length, which
means most of the strands are all of the same length as described, hand
drawn by Denyce of MyLuxury1st, hand made in the USA

Denyce is an American Entrepreneur, Self-made Manufacturer, and Online
content Creator showcasing her quick Show & Tells by introducing her
Short Vid featuring her Product of the Day.

For more information visit: http://mkt.com/myluxury1st/bleach-blo...

or contact: Denyce@Hairdresser.net

Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions:

What are these? Nail tip hair extensions
How long are these hair extensions? 23-24" long
Are they real human hair? Yes
When will these ship? Within 6-10 business days
I dye these darker? Yes you can. Although dying hair does damage any
hair, especially hair extensions, slightly, but as long as you take care
of them, they should be okay. Customers usually dye their hair
extensions with no problems if they are real human hair.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

What is an Ultrasonic Cold Fusion hair extensions machine?

Published on Dec 10, 2014
I am showing you my white Ultrasonic Cold Fusion hair extensions
machine. This is my Show and Tell. I am explaining and showing what
the machine looks like and how it is used for those of you who may have
been wondering or wanting to see a better visual other than the pictures
that are online.

About this Content & Creator:
is narrating this Show and Tell video visual for you. She is an
American Entrepreneur, Self-made Manufacturer, and Online Content

Where can I get an Ultrasonic Fusion hair extensions machine?
You can get this machine here:
http://www.myluxury1st.com or

What is a keratin iron?
A hair tool that fuses strand by strand hair extensions.

What is an Ultrasonic hair machine?
An Ultrasonic hair machine is a hair tool which fuses hair extensions to regular hair with little to no heat.

What is an Ultrasonic hair extensions machine used for?
To connect cold fusion hair extension bonds.

What is cold fusion?
Hair extensions attached strand by strand without using heat.

Any other questions or inquires may be directed to:

Friday, December 5, 2014

European Remy human hair weft Processed Bleach Blonde

Here, you can see standard length, European Remy human hair in processed
Bleach Blonde. Single drawn, cuticle aligned, and double wefted. http://www.myluxury1st.com

About this Content/Creator:
of the day is the Bleach Blonde human hair extension on double weft,
which is European origin, and Remy grade. This hair can be used as bulk
and made into I or U tips, can can be sewed or glued in as well. This
hair is processed by the company MyLuxury1st

What is Remy hair?
What is Standard Length hair?
What is hair weft?
How does hair weft look?
What is track hair?
What is cuticle Remy?
What is Remy hair?
What is double weft?
What is double wefted hair?
Show & Tell

Friday, November 28, 2014

Strawberry Blonde tinted Mini Tape in hair extensions

10 Pieces Mini Tape in hair extensions in Strawberry Blonde. They are
straight but have a slight wave pattern. These are micro mini Tape
extensions, as they are not as wide as usual. They are about half an
inch wide per piece which makes them more flexible.

About the Content Creator:
specializes and hand makes these Mini tape in hair extensions along
with other modern hair extension methods. These mini tape ins are very
flexible and seamless which make them a great extension for anyone
looking for a semi permanent flexibility.


Monday, November 24, 2014

5 Color Pigment Powder Used in Soap and Cosmetics

Video showing you Iron Oxide colors

Products of the Day!  5 of my favorite Pigment Powders for cosmetic coloring.

Ingredients:  Iron Oxide and Titanium Dioxide
Each of the colors mentioned play great roles in soap and other cosmetic coloring.  All of the colors can be layered in MP soaps and will not bleed or migrate when used properly.

About this Content/Creator:
The items displayed in the video are for coloring use.  They are cosmetic grade and can be used for general cosmetic purposes.  Denyce used these colors in personal soap making.  The colors are now available through MyLuxury1st a.k.a [Denyce] in 1g samples; as well as 2g, 3g, 4g, 5g, & 1 Teaspoon for your coloring needs.


Sunday, November 23, 2014

Pink U tip Fusion Nail Shape Hair Extension Strands

My Product of the day! U tip, Nail shaped, Fusion hair extension strands; made using Keratin glue on processed Pink human hair.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

25 Squats in Pink Rockstud Heels

Fun & Sore workout! I don't squat every single day in heels, but
this time I did and will try it a few more times. Be careful as this
can cause injury with some people. Wear heels at your own discretion,
You can also stretch and warm up before your workout. Try to do 3 sets
of 25 to make it to 75 and an extra set if you are feeling pumped! [100]

whether in heels or flats, is a great over-all work out that can be
done practically anywhere especially at home or while at the gym.

About the girl doing the squats:
is an innovative, custom hair extensions manufacture in the USA of
modern hair techniques such as Clipins, Fusion tips, Microbead/loop,
Remy Tape in, Clipin Ponytails, & Fringe bangs.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Hair Style with Finger combing

This is the 26th day of my weave, still going strong.  The only con is that like any hair that has been dip dyed or dyed; there was a slight color fade onto my white shirt.  When washed, a little bit of the color ran off in the shower and I had to put some Argan oil on the ends to keep it from getting dry but other than that, I am loving this hair!  I love the wave pattern, I love the light weight and natural feel.

Using 150 grams of body wave Brazilian human hair.
Thin weave.
I got this hair from my Agent, but you may be able to get it anywhere else you see it on the market.

About the reviewer:
Denyce is the owner and manufacturer at MyLuxury1st Hair Extensions. A small USA business specializing in modern hair extension techniques such as Clipins, Fusion tips, Microloops, Tape hair, Clip in bangs, Ponytails, and Double wefted weaves.

She created this business for herself.  She handmakes all of her items, chooses and cuts wefts, sews tracks so that they are double wefted and markets at low prices available in the USA for ladies all over to try.


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

First Day 1b Burgundy Brazilian Body Wave Review | 150g Mrsd3nise

Hey Besties!  Just got my hair did and here is the FIRST LOOK DAY 1! YESSS! I absolutely love it and it is bringing me life!  I love the color and texture it presents when worn.  I have not combed it with a comb or brush yet, just been finger combing and there is minimum shedding, barely any so that is a great thing.  I'm only wearing 150g of hair so I'm happy about that; it's so light weight!  Smooth, silky, shiny! 

Thanks for watching and please thumb up!

About the reviewer:
Denyce is an innovative, independent hair extensions manufacturer in the USA, based in Southern CA, specializing in Clip ins, Fusion U, I, & Flat tip, Ombre wefts, Micro loops, and Remy Tape in hair extensions.  She is now manufacturing single wefted hair extensions as she enjoys sewing and making double wefts.  Double wefts can be purchased anywhere but this is something that she enjoys doing, as many other ladies do this to their own wefts as well.  Denyce takes the hand work out of it by doing this for you.

@myluxury1st on Instagram

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Find your Long LOST LOVE or CRUSH | Casting Call

Published on Sep 9, 2014
Casting Call Information | City: Los Angeles
Applicants from all over the USA may apply
+++OPEN Below+++
Casting Closes 11/6/2014


$1000 for the person chosen. (Appearance fee paid upon successful and satisfactory completion of filming)

Cara Casting is now casting a documentary series looking to reunite lost
lovers. If you appear to be between the ages of 21-35 and would like to
take a journey to find a lost love or crush from your past, they want to
hear from you!!

*Did you lose touch with one of your first loves or crushes when you were young?
*Do you feel like if you met them now things would be different?
*Was there someone you dated while traveling or on a foreign exchange program and then you lost touch?
*Was there a friend in your past that you had a crush on and never had the courage to tell them?

If your lost love is HARD TO FIND, then Cara Casting would love to hear your story!

Your long lost love will be found for you and you will be helped to find the courage to RECONNECT!

Please submit the following and you may be called to follow up:

AND... Who do you want to find and why? (please note we are NOT looking for friendship stories. Only romantic interests)

Contact Info
Email: info@caracasting.com
let your casting assistant know that Denyce@Hairdresser.Net referred
you! and please like and subscribe for many more in the future!

is a small business brand owner and specialty human hair extensions
manufacturer; showcasing her work online for many hairdressers, stylist,
salons, & women looking for DIY hair extension styles that they can
try on themselves or friends! Her work can be found here: http://www.myluxury1st.com
She is also a Freelance Casting Associate bringing you verbal casting calls for you to apply to. Good Luck!

Denyce is not affiliated with the mentioned casting company.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Pink GAME OVER GameBoy Nintendo type Dress

Cute dress!  Love it! http://www.instagram.com/myluxury1st
This dress
is fitted and has a satin/smooth texture to it.  It's bodycon and
stretchy.  I love it!  It comes in different sizes and prices depending
on the vendor.  You can find the dress online anywhere or on Instagram.
It also comes in different colors as well.

If you go to Vegas a lot with your girls, hmu, I go once a month, join my Vegas group!  Message me!

I handmade hair extensions.  You can check out my designs here:  http://www.myluxury1st.com


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Thursday, August 21, 2014

NYC eye lip Liner and Elegance brow sealer | Quick Review

Quick eyeliner and brow sealer review!  Cheap cosmetics!
Links and info below!  Follow, Like, and Subscribe @myluxury1st

The eye liner/lip liner, or eyebrow pencil is great.  It's my go to pencil.  It does melt fast, but, you usually can get 2 in a pack and it gets the job done, plus it's cheap; like 99c so at the end of the day it really doesn't matter because you get a great item for the price you pay!
As for the eyebrow sealer, it works too, it doesn't dry on hard, you can still feel your eye brows, and it works okay... I mean it could be better, but what the heck, if you're a make up lover, I'm sure you won't mind giving it a shot until you find something else you like.

About the Reviewer:
Denyce is a self made manufacturer of 100% specialty human hair extensions, ranging and specializing in Clip ins, Fusion U and I tips, Micro loops, and Tape in hair extensions!

Follow her here and ask questions here! @myluxury1st

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For inquiries and or partnerships, email or contact:

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

SkinNutritions Step 2 Clarifying Lotion Toner | Review

This clarifying lotion is a toner that is supposed to help speed up cell turnover, improve skin tone, texture and clarity. 
Rating 1-5:  #3 because it looks like a toner, but says it's a lotion and it doesn't get the job done like I wanted it to.
I think I may be confused about this product or maybe needed to purchase the other steps but felt that those steps were not needed.  I just really wanted to try out a new toner!

For 1.00 plus tax, it was aight.  Bought it at the Dollar Tree.  So very good price.  I think I just need a stronger solution as I had just got off of the Sea Breeze, so going from that strong astringent to a softer toner was a shocker for me. 

About the reviewer:
Denyce is an innovative hair extensions manufacturer in Southern Ca.  Her products can be found here:  http://www.myluxury1st.com

For inquiries:  Denyce@Hairdresser.Net

This item was bought with my own money (1.00 + TAX) and I was not paid or sponsored to do this review.


Sunday, August 10, 2014

Maidenform Bra, Clarifying Lotion, NYC Pencil, Eyebrow Sealer, Gamer Dress | July 2014 Haul & Reviews

July Haul 2014 Faves and Least! Check below for links to items!

1. MaidenForm Body Corsage Underwire Bra
Bought at JcPenny
Rating 1-5: 1 because of the mark it leaves after wearing

2. Skinnutritions Clarifying Lotion Step 2
Bought from Dollar Tree for $1.00 plus tax
1-5: 3 because it looks like a toner, but says its a lotion and so it
doesn't get the job done like I would want it to, but that's my fault
because it's not really a toner

3. NYC Brown Eye & Lip liners or Brow pencils
Rating 1-5: 4 because it melts easily which means you run out of product faster. But at least you get 2!

4. Lip Elegance Eyebrow Sealer
Paid $8.50 on ebay
1-5: 3.5-4 because it does work, maybe I'm not using enough. It
doesn't dry on hard, I can barely feel it. Good tester to experiment

5. Bm Gamer Pink Dress
Love this dress! Rating 1-5: 5, my absolute fave!
Find me on Instagram and rate, comment, and like the photo of the day @MyLuxury1st

Friday, August 1, 2014

Explaining I tip hair extensions, 0.5g and 1g strands | Denyce

Just a quick video about Stick I tip hair extensions. This is an older video from me but I shortened it and uploaded it for you.
*If you need help, or have questions about this method or where to get them, just message me or comment below.
common amount of grams is mostly 0.5g, you can find some 0.4g per
strand sometimes, but most people would prefer 0.5g, 0.6g, 0.8g, and now
1g. The more the gram, the thicker the strand is so it's like you get
more hair sortve, but of course the more hair you get the more expensive
it might get.
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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Purple Clip in Streaks review by Lisa | Frugal Mommie of 2

From the Blog:  http://frugalmommieof2.blogspot.com
Meet Lisa!  Author of the blog Mommie of 2.  She's been blogging for over 3 years.  She  enjoys blogging and sharing great products that she finds with her readers.  She's also a stay at home mom of a 7 and 9 year old.  She also has two lovable cats, enjoys cooking, baking, exercising, crafting, reading, and spending time outdoors!  Check out her blog for interesting updates whenever you get the chance!

Today she is reviewing the 4 piece Purple MyLuxury1st human hair clip in extension streaks.  She has cut them to fit her trim and used 2 on her daughter.  These are great funky colors for the days you want to add a little life and difference to your hair.  Your kiddies might also find these enjoyable and fun to play with so check them out today!  Don't delay!

Available at http://www.myluxury1st.com
if sold out, contact:  Denyce@hairdresser.net

100% real human hair extension streaks made in the USA

Monday, July 14, 2014

Sea Breeze Original Formula Astringent | Product Review

http://www.seabreezeclean.com 1-800-487-7273
It says it's for normal skin which is what I thought I had. My skin isn't
super oily, but I do like to keep it clean! I tried this
toner/astringent and for me it is too strong. I would suggest getting
the sensitive formula. I do think it works well though under the arms
to get all the deodorant and excess dirt off. Try it and tell me how
you liked it! If you have a toner/astringent you love to use, suggest
it below.

Thanks for watching/reading!

Brand Owner|Manufacturer
For PR Contact: MyLuxury1st@Publicist.comc

Micro Tape Mini Square Tip Glue Fusion Hair Extensions Demo

Here is a quick demo on how to apply mini tape tip micro extensions.
Half the size of the regular rectangle shape tape in, so it is more flexible and movable and seems more seamless and even invisible.  Definitely a strand by strand method.  Use for streaks or mix and match for a full head.  All colors available!


Sunday, July 13, 2014

5 Bright Red Micro loop hair extension strands

 #microloop #hairextensions
5 bright red human hair extension strands and streaks. 
Any color available and these are so easy to put in or have fitted by your stylist.  They are also reusable in most cases.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Instant Highlights with Tape in Hair Extensions | The Royalle Palace

Here is a quick Demo by Tishema Georges | Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist of how easy it is to use Tape in Hair Extensions

The Royalle Palace
of Pembroke Pines/Miramar Salon Services

Web: http://RoyallePalace.com
Email: TheRoyallePalace@gmail.com

Miami, FL area
If you are in the Pembroke Pines/Miramar area, check out this salon and stylist to get your hair extensions installed!

Shared/Re-blogged by:  Denyce@Hairdresser.Net
For Seamless Remy Tape in hair extensions in every color and length.  Made and shipped in the USA

For the MyLuxury1st Hair Extensions, for a longer and lasting bond, please heat the bond to seal the adhesive wefts for 1-3 seconds with your flat iron.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

3 piece Clip in Hair Streaks | Modified Beauty Review

Taylor, a #selfproclaimed
#beautyjunkie and #catlady from the south; makes #YouTubevideos about
#makeup, #hair, things she #buys, things she #makes, and

Check out her #blog here: http://modifiedbeauty.blogspot.com/

If you would like to contact her to review your item:

She's #reviewing the red, blonde, and blue 3 piece #clipin #hairextension #streaks which are available in all colors.

piece is about 19-20" long and about 1" wide with 1 clip attached to
each. #Silky, #smooth, #shiny, #realhumanhair, great #quality
#hairextensions. Fuller sets #available upon request.


Friday, July 4, 2014

My Great Finds | A family friendly product review blog site | by: Jessam...

Blog Post: MyGreatFinds http://jessaminedungo.blogspot.com/
A #family #friendly #product #review and #giveaway site.
[[open to SHOW MORE]]
Jessamine Dungo is an #active #blogger and stay at home mom of 2 girls; + she's a
wife!  She has a degree in B.S Medical Technology.

Jessamine has devoted her time to #blogging.  She enjoys writing reviews and #hosting giveaways!

If you are a company looking for your product to be reviewed, please see the attached video and demo of Jessamine's work.

Disclaimer:  The items sent to this blogger were for review purposes.  All opinions expressed are of her own.

Original Video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pako9CCvnMA&feature=youtu.be

Hair Streaks of any color:  http://www.myluxury1st
Follow @MyLuxury1st on social networks

For Partnerships and PR contact:  MyLuxury1st@Publicist.com

Frugal Diaries Red White and Blue 4th of July | Michele Wang

A very first #video #review by #Blogger:   Michele Wang http://frugaldiaries.com/
[[open for details]]
Michelle Wang is a #talented blogger in Scottsdale, AZ
She prefers nights to morning, dogs to cats, & driving to flying.

Diaries was started in 2012 as a creative outlet to share Michelle's
adventures! She post stories and pictures to go along with them on her
blog so be sure to stop by and check it out! Also if you would like the
opportunity to work with her so that she can honestly review your
product or services, feel free to contact her via her blog.

Thanks for stopping by!
All opinions are of the Blog Owner and this item was sent to the owner for review.

To review your own hair extension streaks visit:
http://www.myluxury1st.com or contact MyLuxury1st@Publicist.com

Thursday, July 3, 2014

LV type Faded Gold Tone Copper Wrist Bracelet

Blog Sale:
This is pre-owned.
The picture shows what you will get.  The title and description say exactly what you will receive. 

So I didn't just want to throw this out, although I looked at it for a long time and was like, maybe I should throw it away, but then I'm like, I used to like stuff like this so maybe someone else will want it or know how to fix it up.

This does has a rusty type smell to it.
It's faded and was a gold tone, but now has some copper tints to it.
It is chain linked.

A Bracelet, costume jewelry
Unbranded, looks similar to an LV, just has some letters there with 2 of the Rhinestones missing.
Please see pictures, rhinestones are missing and color is faded.

Color may differ slightly due to camera and lighting, please allow it
Text 323-515-202one with your best offer and to have it shipped to you.


4th of July Inspired Makeup & Hair Look!★

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Empty Juicy Couture Box

Here is a previously owned Juicy Couture box.
It came with a bracelet in it.
[Bracelet not included]
Box is empty.

Length 9.5"x1.5"
Tallness 1"

This box shows very little wear and still has the $88.00 tag attached inside [Original price of the bracelet.]
If anyone is interested in getting this box, please let me know.  You can purchase through text: 323-515-202one

Price: $9.95 including shipping

Can be used to re-gift, re-box or for your own personal use.

Get Shipping ready With Me | eBay PayPal USPS easy from home

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Basic Blue Lower Lid Eyeshadow Tutorial ELECTRIC TEAL | MyCloset1st

hEY Besties! This is just a simple Blue Eyeshadow look. The color is:
Electric Eel by MAC. Painting just the lower lid only with a wet padded
tipped eyeshadow tool,

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Friday, May 16, 2014

Passionate Pink Eyeshadow Tutorial. Do you like it? | MyCloset1st

Do you need a bestie? Okay, well here I am!
A Pink Eyeshadow look
for some of us girlies with darker skin. Pink eyeshadow can be worn by
any girl and all the shades can be awesome! This is the color:

Pink eye shadow will be especially cool for a
summer look. Hair blowing in the wind, cool breezes, and warm summer
nights! I can hardly wait!

Follow me on Instagram: @MyLuxury1st
Contact: MyCloset1st@Gmail.com

"So don't be shy, try something new" | Denyce
Thanks for watching bestie... xoxo

Monday, April 21, 2014

Self Guided Venice Murals Tour on the Venice Beach Boardwalk | TOURBUDY ...

Browse all Tours or design a Tour of your own, most importantly VOTE for which Tour you like best!

Tourbudy.com and MyLuxury1st Broadcasting
Contact: MyLuxury1st@Publicist.com
Speaker: Denyce@Hairdresser.net

Check out the tour of the Venice murals on the Venice beach boardwalk.
Venice has always been known as a hangout for the creative and artistic.
In the 1950s and 60s, Venice became the center for the beat generation.
There was an explosion in poetry and art.
self-guided walking tour includes almost 2 dozen murals, historic, and
modern architecture, and contemporary, and controversial public art.
Vote now to bring this tour to tour budy at www.tourbudy.com

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Itchy Binder, Scar Treatment, Ace Bandage Compression, 6 weks post tummy tuck

Questions? Please feel free to leave a comment below or email: Denyce@Hairdresser.Net | FOLLOW @Myluxury1st on all Social Networks!

Hiya! Thank you for watching! I'm talking about how itchy my binder is and what I'm using to try to diffuse so much itching.  I'm using an ace bandage, but still getting some itchy feeling but not as much.  I'm also using Scar Away for scar treatment and Mederma.  Not sure if it's working so much since I only just started but figured I would give it a try.

Feel free to ask me any questions or if you feel more comfortable emailing me, go ahead.  I hope this video somehow helps you, please give a thumbs up and please subscribe!

Surgeon:  Dr. Bruce Kadz, Beverly Hills, CA

Hair:  MyLuxury1st
Clipins, utip, itip, Microloops, and Tape ins
Amazon and ebay hair

Sweats:  Green Victoria Secret Pink

Thursday, March 13, 2014

19 Days Post OP Tummy Tuck Driving, Shower Stool, Drains, OOTD | MrsD3nise

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-Just an insight on my Journey.  Thanks for watching!

Video discussing driving kiddies to school, shower stool, drains and a quick outfit of the day!

Song Snippets: 
Whip it -W. Smith
Pretty Hurts -B. Knowles

Shirt:  CC jeweled, white costume material shirt
Leggings:  Black with small holes down the sides of both legs
Shoes:  White Hermes


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Pink Powder Parlor Cosmetic Haul & Quick Review


Published on Feb 4, 2014
For more PINK cosmetics online, shop at teh PINK POWDER PARLOR!

this video, I will show to you quickly, the 3 cosmetic items I received
from the company. I received Lip Shine Gloss, Cream Eyeshadow, and
also a Lip liner; which can also be used as a eye liner as well. All
were PINK! of course! I love them!

Twitter: PinkPowderParlo
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PinkPowderPa...

For more reviews check out and subscribe to my channel! http://www.youtube.com/mrsd3nise

PR: Denyce@Hairdresser.Net

Monday, January 20, 2014

195g - 200g Indian Remy Virtual tour of Thick clip in hair extensions + ...

http://www.Myluxury1st.com for 100% human hair extensions made in the USA Hair Extensions can be customized for you so if you don't see what you need just send a message!

Denyce@hairdresser.net or http://myluxury1st.bigcartel.com/contact

These particular hair extensions are about 196-201g of hair. You may weigh them on your scale.  So about 7 oz.  All colors available, handmade, ships within 6-10 business days usually.  20" long, 8 pieces, + 1volumized piece for extra thickness which is about 4 wefts sewn together.  The rest are double wefted hair extensions.  Indian Remy origin, silky, smooth, blend.  Remember:  Lighter hair extensions can be dyed darker, and dark hair extensions can be dyed darker, not lighter.

Any questions feel free to ask and thank you for your support.  Don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Medium Brown 26" Nail shape 50 grams, what to get when thinking about hair extensions?

U tip hair extensions, #4 Medium brown, 50 grams

You can get these hair extensions from anywhere and at any length you would like. I'm just showing you a visual in case you are skeptical of buying and want to look at them first before you buy them. You can ask any questions below or email me personally at: Denyce@hairdresser.net

I handmake these myself and they are pretty easy to do, but for those of you who do not wish to do this, you may order from me or anywhere else you would like. Please support my channel by liking the vid, and also sharing it if you believe it will help someone else interested. Toodles!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Empire Surgical Center Consult Review RESEARCH BEFORE TUMMY TUCK OR PLAS...

PLEASE research and make sure you are comfortable with the Dr. and the workers that work there.  If you get turned off in anyway, just forget it and move on.  REMEMBER, this is a surgery you will have to live with for the rest of your life.  Once you sign the papers and or the Dr. messes up, you will be left with the cost and the ugly new look.

Review by: Denyce@Hairdresser.net
Place reviewed:  Empire Surgery or Surgical center out of Orange, CA
1310 W. Stewart Drive #310

I would not recommend this place.
The Dr. Angel Garcia or Angel Gomez-Garcia is not Board Certified as the website suggest that their doctors are.
The consultant:  Vi Anderson [rude, incompetent] just my opinion.

I called American Board of Surgery:  215-568-4000
CA Board of Surgery:
Medical Board of CA:
Board of Plastic Surgery: 215-587-9322
Searched: http://www.certificationmatters.org/

I'm exhausted and turned off by the customer service provided here.

Friday, January 10, 2014

French Toast Vegas Breakfast at Hash House A Go Go on Sahara, NOT THE QUAD

Check out more restaurant reviews at http://www.AmericanEateries.com
Get a chance to win $50.00 for chosen reviews!
6800 W Sahara Ave, | Las Vegas (NV), Nevada, 89146 | 702-866-2867
Hash House a go go

If you're ever in Vegas in search of a good breakfast spot, check out Hash house a go go!  Preferably, the one on West Sahara Avenue because it is the cleanest one in Vegas thus far.  [The Quad hotel is kinda dirty, so I don't recommend that one, but the restaurant there looked clean, although there were not too many customers]  Breakfast is from 730-11 am Monday through Friday and they have a brunch on Sat. and Sundays.  If you're a French toast lover like me, check out their Griddled French Toast!  It's their signature Amish style bread dipped in a banana cinnamon cream with pecan maple syrup.  Their portions are pretty big so be prepared to take some to go if your not able to finish it all.  Also, depending on how many people are there, you may have a bit of a wait to be seated, and the food may take a few moments as well.  The watermelon drink is pretty good.  The Bloody Mary drink is yucky; well at least to me, and recommended to drink if you have a hang over, so keep that in mind :)

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Monday, January 6, 2014

Yard House at Victoria Gardens in Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Published on Jan 6, 2014
12473 N Mainstreet, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91739, 1(909) 646-7116 http://www.yardhouse.com/default.aspx

The Yard House restaurant is a spendy place. You will want to have some money on you to buy drinks as the Martinis are truly recommended, I love them! The flavors are great! The food is okay also. My favorite is the Spicy Jambalaya. Sometimes there is a wait to be seated, and then also a wait for the food to come out.

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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Bleach Blonde Remy Clip in Hair Extensions and MAC Rose Pigment Powder G...

Published on Jan 2, 2014
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