Sunday, August 10, 2014

Maidenform Bra, Clarifying Lotion, NYC Pencil, Eyebrow Sealer, Gamer Dress | July 2014 Haul & Reviews

July Haul 2014 Faves and Least! Check below for links to items!

1. MaidenForm Body Corsage Underwire Bra
Bought at JcPenny
Rating 1-5: 1 because of the mark it leaves after wearing

2. Skinnutritions Clarifying Lotion Step 2
Bought from Dollar Tree for $1.00 plus tax
1-5: 3 because it looks like a toner, but says its a lotion and so it
doesn't get the job done like I would want it to, but that's my fault
because it's not really a toner

3. NYC Brown Eye & Lip liners or Brow pencils
Rating 1-5: 4 because it melts easily which means you run out of product faster. But at least you get 2!

4. Lip Elegance Eyebrow Sealer
Paid $8.50 on ebay
1-5: 3.5-4 because it does work, maybe I'm not using enough. It
doesn't dry on hard, I can barely feel it. Good tester to experiment

5. Bm Gamer Pink Dress
Love this dress! Rating 1-5: 5, my absolute fave!
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