Tuesday, April 28, 2015

When you have a copycat or person copying your every move

Copying my listings, my descriptions, and me, oh my!

I'm sure my copy cat is stalking me now and about to copy and paste this whole guide to their guide.. or wherever.  It started off as a fake friendship where this older woman wanted to copy everything I did in real life.  Now online, 'which is still real life'; the perp is copying all my listings, descriptions, and titles, looking up my ingredients; 'because I make my own handmade products'; and going out to the store and or online and buying everything she thinks I have so she can re-sell it online.  The poor older woman wanted to be #1 at something so she is #1 at copying.  She even copied another ebayers consignment business by the name of 'Linda's Stuff'; which is a great-reselling business online of gently used and pre-owned items] she copied that lady so much that even their business name match!  But she didn't know her.  She knew of me.  It's a sad situation when someone you knew of.. wants to be you so bad that they dress like you, talk like you, and then copy you online through eBay.  No need to report the shop, eBay barely does anything and I'm not one to stay on the phone complaining to eBay about someone else's listings, but it's so creepy!  Usually someone who copies your listings online are other sellers you don't know so it's whatever; but when it's someone who has been in your house; stole and theifed from you and then tries to take it to another level; it's just creepy!  Wouldn't you agree?  Now I'm sure a very similar post will show up pertaining to me to try and make it like I'm the creeper. lolol.  I'm unbothered really; I think it's flattering at the same time because I'm a nobody.  I'm just a girl who came out with some business thoughts and posted them on eBay and chatted about them to my perp; unknowing that a person I thought was a close friend would copy my every move! 

Sound Familiar?

Be careful which friends you mentor.  It can backfire.  I taught the copycat everything she knows, and when I peeped game and stopped, the copycat became even nosier and it's as if her life revolves around me.  It's so weird, but I continue to list my listings knowing that within 1-2 days, the perp will be right on top of it.  It even got so bad that she is erasing my name on my pictures and writing her own name.  Like one of those crazy movies!  And she copied and pasted so many of my listings, that some of them actually revert back to my page. Ahahaha!  Classic!

I, on the other hand will continue to do my own thing as I'm an individual.  I started making soaps and personal cosmetic items back in 2011-2012 and became the #1 supplier of sample pigments by little increments, so I guess the perp wants to take my crown.  It's okay.  Take it.  I'm good with it.  I share and I'm humble.  I don't copy off of others, I come up with my own ideas and no matter how much this perp lies or tries to pretend that she is someone she is not; at night when she goes to bed; if she ever does; she has to face the ugly person she has become.  And obviously even her; herself does not like her own self because she's so busy copying others and me!

The End.

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Have you ever had this creepy type of incident happen to you?

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