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Say bye bye to tangled matted hair extensions! by Chrisjoeeee

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So, it’s no secret that a lot of people wear hair extensions now. Whether they’re clip ins, sew in, micro fusion, a lot of us wear hair extensions; and a known problem with women and their hair extensions is that they get dry, tangled and matted. However i have found a solution to resolving this epidemic, You just have to put effort and time into your hair for a little while in order for it to be healthy. Image
So here i have a picture of one of my clip ins, and as you can see they are dry, look tangly and matted especially at the ends. What i’m about to show you will bring them life and moisture.
Pretty much all you’ll need is your favorite shampoo, your favorite, conditioner , preferably a deep conditioner, and your favorite detangler. I also have hangers here for obvious reasons which we’ll see in a moment.
Starting off with detangler, i’m using a homemade detangler so don’t worry i’m not putting shoe cleaner in my hair. However this detangler is very organic, natural, and moisturizing for your hair and i feel it’s the best one to use. I got the recipe from youtube so if you want to check it out here’s the link However this detangler stinks so thats why im using it first. Anyway so you pretty much want to brush your hair out and spray this all over your hair focusing on the ends since that’s where the most matting and tangling is (at least for me), and you want to let that sit for at least 5 minutes.
Once you’ve let that sit, your going to wash that out with your shampoo, and then add in your conditioner
Here i’m using Aussie’s deeeeep conditioner and you want to let that sit for at least 10 minutes, the longer the better.
Once you’ve washed that out you want to let it sit over night and as you can see i hung mine up so it can dry properly. One thing you want to stay away from is the blow dryer. Absolutley no blow drying after doing this unless it’s an emergency such as a last minute hot date, or a job interview .  Blow drying right after doing this will just damage it even more, even though it doesn’t really look like it. If you do end up blow drying your hair after this, make sure to use the cold setting for less damage. Once i hung them up i sprayed a little Moroccan argon oil for moisturization and to give it a healthy looking shine.
So after it dried, as you can see it looks a lot healthier, shinier, and less dry and tangly. If you keep doing this at least twice a week with absolutely no blow dryer your hair will be much healthier and it will look like it too! I hope this works for you guys, and leave me a comment with your feedback (:
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This datangling system with pictures and information is very informative and might help some of you out there with these similar or same hair extension problems.  go ahead and try these tips and share this information with others!

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Denyce is an Expert Hair Extensionist and Manufacture of 100% Real human hair extension systems. 

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