Monday, May 9, 2016

My son's 6th year old birthday and his gift. Polaris RZR 900

Hi!  It was one of my kids bdays.  I have a kid with a birthday every month starting in April.  For his bday I brought cupcakes, capri sun, and good bags full of chips and candies for the kids.  At home we just celebrate with a cake and a few gifts.  The biggest gift he got was the Polaris 2 seater vehicle for kids.  He really wanted it.  We got is at Walmart.  We spray painted the Barbie jeep blue so the other kid could get it.  He was a little sad but we had to do it. These are expensive.  I did like a mini tour of the two vehicles.

Happy Birthday to my kid!  He turned 6!  Yay!  This is just a mini vlog docu of his little birthday.  I also got him a cd player, like the ones we had when we were a kid.  I felt like it was super old school. lmao.  I took him to Walmart to pick out two cds but didn't document it.  I kind of felt like it was a little cheap but my kids love their gifts.  I mean you could get them a pencil and they would be excite which is one of the great qualities in my kid that I absolutely love.

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