Monday, June 13, 2016

Car Vlog New Friends 2nd Meet and Greet Girls Night

So for my 2nd meet and greet I had 3 ladies.  Evelyn came from last time, and two new ladies.  We went to a brewery.  I did get to get some Champagne because I'm not really a beer person, but they said all their beer is crafted so it's supposed to be better but I didn't taste it.  I really liked the spot even though it was country.  Our group donated to Loma Linda Children Foundation when we participated in the raffle they had.

We all chit chatted ad had a good time and didn't feel weird or anything.  As if I already knew them.  I enjoy meeting new people.  Each of the ladies have a special quality to offer as they are all educated or busy with their work careers and that is something I like.


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