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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Beware of Fake and Soliciting Fake Bloggers and Reviewers such as Jessica Marie a.k.a of

There is a reviewer named Jessica Marie with the email address:

I usually... kind of.. get annoyed when someone solicits me for a free product as I feel a truth review will be of one that someone actually buys to gain the full experience. But this time I finally decided to give someone a chance and when I did... I was scammed.

Jessica Marie...who solicited me through email in March 2017 asking to be a reviewer of my bath bomb products. I probably get at least 10 emails a day of up and coming bloggers asking to review my items for free on their blog. Some even solicit payment; but I usually always say no. This time I decided to give someone a try. On 3/31/2017 the items were sent and received to so-called reviewer on 4/4/2017; however; the reviewer never contacted me to say she received it... after am email message; she replied that she was out of town.

The week after; no contact. Contacted her again; now someone had died in the family and she would get to it. Week after; no response. Some emails sent back and forth; always states she would have review done by Monday; lots of Mondays have passed; it is now a month later and still no review. So-called reviewer even messaged me in ll caps stating how SHE TOLD ME; she had a death in the family; as if that is supposed to buy her time or give her the lead way to solicit free items from companies.

I chose this person as she was very convincing. Reviewer is a fraud to put it straight. If you happen to see a bad review about the product she received free and did not buy; ansd it happens to be a bad one; this may be why; reviewer mad because I emailed to see when the review would be up. Reviewer [Jessica Marie] claims in an email that she liked the items. However; has still not reviewed them and is still soliciting other small businesses for free products.

This is just a warning in case you never hear from her. She will probably change her email and reviewing site; but please be careful when sending free items to so-called reviewers. Jessica has no credibility and I figured I would give her a chance because in the past reviewers have messaged me asking why or stating they are new and no one wants to give them a chance and this type of behavior is the main reason why companies would rather not give out items for free because nothing is free and this is money going out the window to deal with fraud reviewers.

Even if reviewer does not like item; she can state this in her review as I only want honest product reviews. Reviewer claims she likes item; yet never reviewed. This is very disappointing.

There is proof of no review and proof of the item being sent to the so-called reviewer. Did some research and seen that in 2015; someone else contacted her; as she had not replied or reviewed their item either after it had been sent. Fraud.

So beware other sellers/product makers looking for reviews.